Hi feethunters, today I’ve recovered another old & missing foot fetish website, specially for dirty feet lovers: DIRTY-FEET.COM. Natural dirty and sweaty feet as they come. No fakes, no make-up.


High quality pictures and videos of beautiful girls with dirty feet. No make-up or fake dirt, girls show us their feet as they really are. Students barefeet, tourist in flip flops, elegant girls in high heels that still get dirty feet…

dirty-feet2a dirty-feet2b

Hard to believe that some angel faces walk around with such dirty feet ? Our professional cameras go where the real action takes place, in public places, to bring you the best shots.

dirty-feet2c dirty-feet2d

We deliver unparalled detail and quality, with high resolution close ups. Try our membership now, we will be happy to let you explore our large collection.

T1c T1b
Those are the feet from a very cute blonde university student. She conceals a secret under her clean face (in members area) and cute clothes: very filthy soles. Only Dirty-Feet.com puts cameras literally under her feet, to provide you with many incredible high resolution close ups. You’ll know everything about her feet: her toes, the space between her toes, her soles, shoes, every grain of her foot dirt, and every piece of her rough skin.


T2b T2a
Cute American girl with curly hair. She walks around in flip flops and let her soles get dirty. She sits on the steps and exposes her dirty soles. Once again, Dirty-feet.com cameras were practically between her feet and her shoes.

T3 T3b
More close ups from dirty feet and toes. The first one on the left is a German university student. The other three are from an English girl. Nobody else delivers such high quality images from street action.

Italian university student prowdly shows us her flexible, long feet. As her soles get rough and dirty she is always more happy to put them on our camera lens. Lots more from her, in very high resolution.

T5 (3) T5 (4)
T5 (1) T5 (2)
Very nice looking scandinavian girls. They are very elegant and their feet are very well taken care of. They would never allow a scratch on the nail polish to show through their expensive and nice sandals. Yet, when they lift their feet, they don’t mind exposing their filthy soles.

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