29-year old Phil Jenkins was a long-time customer at his local Third Street Bank. Every time he went into the bank, he saw many beautiful women working there, but there was one gal who his eyes were fixed on. On with the story.

Phil walked into Third Street Bank one afternoon to close a checking account. It was a normal 5-minute process, but he would soon learn it would be more than that. Phil asked the main clerk for a banker who was available. They directed him to a named Tracy. Tracy was beautiful! She had all the right features; God must have been having an awfully nice day when he created her. Dark hair, deep black eyes, and lovely red lips.

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But for the most part, it was the legs that Phil was looking at as Tracy led him into her cubicle. Phil had a fetish for female legs and feet. He couldn’t help looking. On Tracy’s feet, she wore a pair of shiny, black pumps with a one-inch heel.

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Phil introducted himself to her, and she introduced herself as well. At her cubicle, she sat down behind the large desk and asked what Phil wanted.

He asked her about closing a checking account, and she began asking for his information. Tracy began answering some prompts on the computer screen, typing this and that. She couldn’t help but ask one question, though.

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-Phil,she commentedI hate to bring this up, but I saw you staring at my legs while you were following me.

-Me? When?

-Just a few seconds agoTracy continued

-No, only a pervert would do thatPhil denied

-Not necessarily trueshe answered- I love it when men stare at me, admiring my beauty.

There was a mysterious lull that sent Phil’s stomach spinning. What had he gotten himself into? He was embarrassed, to say the least.
Tracy got back to business.

-Done. Your secondary checking account is closed

-Th… thank you, Miss, uh…Phil stuttered

-Tracy. You can call me Tracy. 

Tracy stood up and walked to the door, closing it. Phil stuttered again,

-Thank you…Miss Tracy.

Tracy sat back down behind the desk, studying the puzzled look on Phil’s face.

-You look nervous. I’m sorry I mentioned you staring at me. Phil said nothing. Tracy rested back in her chair and pulled her feet up on the desk.

-I do have gorgeous legs, don’t I?Tracy admitted. Phil nodded. -But my feet…that’s another story! Is it just me, or do guys just seem to have a thing for feet nowadays?

Phil dove into the strange conversation, taking his chances.

-Well, if you’ve got nice legs, you probably have nice feet, too.
-See, that’s what I figured -Tracy said, smiling- Some guys like to suck toes, some like to lick shoes. It’s all very…intriguing.

Tracy, with her legs crossed on the desk, rubbed her black pumps together, and they made a very arousing leathery sound. Her shoes just shimmered in the ray of sun coming in from the window through the Venetian blinds.
Phil’s eyes widened. What did he get himself into?

-Should I go now? Or…

-You know, Phil, I find you attractive. And I want you to do me a favorTracy said.

-Well, I already gave you my name and my – I mean, alright -Phil accepted.

Tracy rubbed her feet together, saying:

-My feet are so tired. Sometimes it takes the right man to soothe them, somebody with the right touch. You look like someone who adores my feet.

There was another pause. Tracy said:

-You like the shoes, don’t you?

-They are beautiful…shiny.

-Expensive, too. A good look needs a good pocketbook.

Tracy lowered one hand to where Phil could not see, and stroked her leg with the other.

-Kiss them, Phil.

-Excuse me?Phil said.

-Kiss my shoes. Please? I know my feet turn you on. You know they do. Put your lips to the leather, now.she commanded

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Tracy had a stare that Phil could not resist. Phil, unsure of his actions, stood up slowly and leaned onto the desk, his head at her feet. Tracy had that certain smile on her face, thinking that she could make Phil do anything she wanted.

Phil went ahead and kissed the leather of the shoes passionately, from the tip of the toe to the roundness of the heel.

-That was nice…she said

She took her feet off the desk and stood up. She walked to him slowly until she was standing in front of him, and he was still seated in the chair. She lifted a leg and put a foot on his upper chest, with the toe on his throat. Tracy slowly moved her foot in a circle on his chest, massaging him. Phil closed his eyes and lay my head back, taking in the sensation.

-You like that, Phil?she asked, massaging her shoe lightly into my upper chestYou like my foot on your chest, holding you down like that?

-Yeah…he answered in a low, relaxed voice.

-Open your mouth, Phil. Keep your eyes closed, nowTracy said

-Allright.he answered.

He was completely seduced…he couldn’t leave. Tracy released the foot and reached into her pocket, pulling out a stick of breath spray. She sprayed the breath spray lightly onto the toe of her glossy left pump. Then, before Phil knew it, Tracy shoved her foot carefully into Phil’s mouth. For a split second, Phil moaned in pain, but he relaxed as Tracy wiggled her shoe deep into his mouth. Phil slowly sucked the toe leather covered with strawberry breath spray. It was actually delicious to him. Tracy pushed the foot deeper into his mouth, so I could taste a little more. Phil sucked the strawberry flavor off her shiny leather, and she was enjoying every moment of this. After five minutes, Tracy was satisfied. She slowly pulled her foot from Phil’s mouth.

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-Did you like it?She asked

-Yeah, I didPhil said, opening his eyes.

Tracy whispered: -Kneel, my love.

Phil moved out of the chair and got on his knees before the beautiful young female. Tracy put a hand on his head and pushed him down until he was lying on his stomach, resting his chin on the carpet. Tracy then inched a shoe in front of his mouth.

-Lick them clean for me. Please?

Tracy had a voice that Phil could not say no to. Phil immediately began to glide his tongue across the contour of her leather pumps. He tasted every inch and loved it. When Phil’s tongue covered her shoe heel for the third time, she gently pushed his face back with her other foot and told him to stop. She lightly shoved him onto his back.

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-Oh…Tracy said softlyA man at my feet…like my personal floor mat.

Tracy stepped on his chest, saying; -This is getting so fun, and it makes me feel so supreme. How do you like being under the control of a female?

Phil began to answer, but that’s when Tracy lifted her other foot and stood on his chest in full weight. Phil gasped a bit.

Phil begged: -Tracy, please…

-Shhhhhh…she interrupted- Relax. You’re enjoying this, remember?

Tracy planted one foot on Phil’s face. The toe of Tracy’s shoe was on his eye, the 1-inch heel was firmly in his mouth, and he could feel the contour of her instep against his nose. The other foot had been standing on his stomach. Phil sucked the heel of her shoe as she shifted her weight between his face and stomach.

-Enjoying that shoe, dear?she asked, smiling.

Tracy once again stopped unexpectedly. She stepped off Phil’s slightly-aching abdominal area and slid off her left shoe. Tracy was still wearing black stockings. Phil’s eyes were half open, and he was in pain, but relaxed. Phil lay still on the carpeted floor as Tracy dipped her stockinged toes deep into my mouth. Phil began to suck them diligently, giving her the pleasure she craved. At the same time, he had no idea what he was doing!

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Tracy put her foot deeper into his mouth, one toe at a time. When Phil had just barely taken all five toes into his mouth, it was completely full. His tongue slid across the bottom of her toes and in between. He sucked Tracy’s stockinged toes passionately as she stared down at him.

Five more minutes passed, and Tracy took her foot out of my mouth. Phil’s jaw muscles were sore from the sucking. He whispered, begging for more, but unfortunately, it was over. Tracy slid her shoe back on her lovely foot and pulled him up from the floor.

-Wow…is that it?Phil asked.

-I’m afraid so, dear. That was wonderful. I’m sorry it has to end, but I have to get back to workTracy replied

-Thanks..Phil said

Just then, Tracy grabbed him by the collar and kissed him!

-Thank YOU! -she said- It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.

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She opened the door, but then stopped.

-Hold on! -she called to him.

She wrote something on a piece of paper and shoved it into his front pocket;

-Just in case you need it…I hope to see you again!she showed him out patiently.

-ByePhil said.

He straightened his hair and his shirt as he left her cubicle. He walked calmly through the main hall of the bank, but when he exited the front door, he reached hastily into his front pocket and looked at the piece of paper. It was Tracy’s phone number!

Phil had never had such a bizarre encounter with a female at a bank before. This is an experience he would never tell anybody about…and he hoped Tracy would do the same! Phil learned that he definitely had an obsession with female feet, and what Tracy gave him was very pleasurable. Even better, he would most likely see her again in the future! This was a true feeling of love that Phil had never felt before.

T H E   E N D

by Doug Rundell

Story taken from:



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