On this post I want to make some experiences’ reviews of men and women who have practiced the foot fetish, whether through a private session or attending a foot party in a foot fetish club.

It’s interesting to read experiences from both sides; from the customers and from the foot models. Men usually have rewarding experiences, among the models there’s a bit of everything, for most girls it’s strictly business althought some of them have a great time and in addition they earn some extra-cash.

Foot model having a fun time

Getting rich off with her feet

Like this foot model that, as she herself admits in an interview, earned more than $115.000 in one year. Goddess Valora is a 34 years old foot fetish model, living in St. Petersburg, Florida. Over the last few years, she has diversified her revenue organizing foot parties, live sessions with private customers and also started to the webcams’ business.

Goddess Valora is a very successful Mistress and foot model

Her clubs worked as a brothel but with foot fetish instead sex. The entrance fee was $60. Once inside, customers could choose foot worship sessions in public or in private. Usually they had between 6  and 8 foot models ready to work, for 10-15 guys en each party. Finally, she decided to stop because she realized that the management it was not her thing.

Gorgeous soles of Goddess Valora and her sexy friend Jenny

Also she talks about the private foot fetish and BDSM sessions that she offered in The Woodshed Orlando. Too much expensive in my opinion, $250 by hour, and no less than 2 hours… that’s $500 by session… Seems thats this lady really knows her stuff. Well, in case you can afford it, she’s your girl!

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You will never forget your first time

A user of the popular foot fetish board MousePad explained in detail the -satisfying- experience on his first foot fetish party as a customer. The user tell us that he’s a foot lover but never shared this feeling with friends or family, for fear of being mocked and being seen as a weirdo. This happens with most part of foot fetishists; the shame always wins the match.

Foot fetishists tend to try to hide their tastes

Finally he built up the confidence to attend a foot party for first time in his life, although it was very hard to decide it. He was quite nervous before the event, even the sleep came with difficulty previous nights. Once in the party, he came in contact with a beautiful tall blonde named Kim, who was avaible and ready to make all his fantasies true.

Awesome blonde foot worship

From here, the guy could enjoy several foot models of the party, delighting with their feet, touching and licking them, kissing soles and sucking toes… He got completely satisfied and, as he tells us, totally pleased. Even he could talk with other attendants of the event, with whom was able to share impressions and feelings. Definitely he enjoyed a lot his first foot party, since he can’t wait to the next party in the South of Florida.

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Bad experience of a foot model

But not all the experiences are good. The next story follows a young girl that attended a foot party as a model for first time in her life. She’s fairly uncomfortable with the fact of having to offer her feet to some strangers, and also makes harsh criticism to the owner of the foot fetish club.

Attending a foot party could be a wondeful experience… or not

She tells us about a sort of casting that the girls must pass before be accepted for the job, how the organizer gives them some tips of how they should act, the payments, etc. She passed the casting without any problems, but also explains that a nasty situation took place, when one of the girls was rejected for being too fat, according to the words of who reports the story.

Feet of the girls must be checked before the job

By her words we can deduce that during the party she acted in rude and superior, since she started complaining about this and that, making disparaging remarks directed to everybody. I can understand that some women don’t enjoy working as a foot model, even feeling uncomfortable, but since you in there, would it not be better to have a positive attitude? That’s what I think, anyway.

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Exceeding his expectations

In the popular site Reddit also there are users posting experiences in the foot parties. In the next post we can read a guy completely happy of have been attended his first foot fetish party. In his words “My first experience in a foot fetish party was absolutely wonderful”.

Cute foot models ready for the party

He tells us the meeting that he had with one of the foot models of the party with great detail. Her name was August, was tall and her toenails were painted in red. Also he says that her feet had an incredible flavour, with a bit of sweat mixed with the smell of the pumps, thing that of course he loved.

Cleaning stinky soles with his tongue

All in all, he took an hour to tour around the party worshipping feet, more than enough for him; the experience succeeded beyond his most optimistic expectations, since he considered the experience absolutely wonderful. Called on other fetishists to attend a foot party but also warns about the poor privacy you have on this kind of parties.

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The business of the foot fetish could be very profitable

Foot fetish is booming because, in addition of being very successful among men, is more healthy than prostitution, more safe and, for the women, very comfortable (and profitable). Like Olivia, a 19 years old student that won $800 a week through private foot fetish sessions and attending foot parties. This helped Olivia to pay her studies.

Many girls earn good money through the foot modelling

Olivia needed the money for pay her studies and answered and advertisement asking for ‘Girls with pretty feet’. She received a message from them, they told her that she must had well pedicured feet before the job interview.

Feet of the models must be well pedicured before the party

Recalling her first job, Olivia said that that a finance man with ‘a little potbelly‘ ripped off her black stilettos off with his teeth. Despite of this, she said that the man was polite and won $200 with the guy in a 40 minutes session. In her words: “These guys aren’t hurting anyone and everyone’s got their thing that turns them on”. An interesting point of view, Olivia.

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If you try it, you will love it and you’ll come back

There are people who really enjoy the foot parties, so much so that many men don’t hesitate to come back again even some of them turn it in a sort of tradition. Like the history of this man who tells us about his second visit to a foot party and how much he enjoyed the experience, as much or more than the first time.

The foot parties are very arousing for most fetishists

He was touching, rubbing and licking feet all the time, even was trampled by a Mistress who, in addition, gave him some foot gagging. The man claims that’s he’s not submissive and usually don’t likes domination games but, in this case, he loved the experience. He also could worship the feet of a cosplay girl dressed like Harley Quinn.

The pleasure of being trampled by a sexy model

He was seized by a true enthusiasm and enjoyed the moment as a child floating in the Park. The guy who tells the story is very selective regarding feet, girl must have beautiful and clean feet, since before worship them, he cleans their feet with the provided sanitizers. He realized that many men of the party remained inactive cause of their shame and shyness. The man ends the story reccomending to all the foot fetishists that don’t be shy and try the experience of a foot party.

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By the way, if you are planning to visit one of these wonderful foot parties, check my section ‘Foot Fetish Clubs and Parties’, where you’ll find a list of this kind of places in your country.


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