Feet have been transformed from indifference to an aphrodisiac object. You can apreciate that: All erotic websites have their sections about it. Some, like, base all their content on the subject. The same thing happens with advertising. Also we can find job vacancies with people searching girls with a pretty feet required for a photo sesion.

Feet lovers are a legion. Francisco, a serious and mature executive, behaves like a child every time he saw beautiful women’s feet: “I can’t stop photograph them,” says in his blog. “I take the phone and ask for permission first: At the disco, the subway, the street … I know that people could consider me a freaky guy but the passion with a suggestive foot is irresistible.”

But Francisco it’s not the only one: “I’m excited to see, smell, and touch feet … I can have an orgasm only imagining them,” says Daniel, a young Mexican boy.

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Freud psychoanalyzed many foot fetish people and traced the origin on the childhood: the child’s urgent need to see mother’s genitals was suppressed and, therefore, looked down shyly and retained feet like his personal fetish. Also Jung said that the foot (and not the face) is the real soul’symbol because it’s what sustains the human being erect.

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Currently, there’re reviews for all tastes, some see the resemblance between feet arches with feminine curves, and specialists that relate the libido’s effect of vaginal odor which produces the smell of feet. Many neurologists and sexologists, like Valeriano López Alfajor, asserts that “feet and genitals occupes nearby areas in the somatosensory cortex. Therefore the muscles of bridges feet been contracted during orgasm.”

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