One time a friend told me that she had a new boyfriend who was a foot fetishist, and she really liked very much. Well, now what? She asked me. Some ideas or tips for our passion for feet? This article try to answer this question. It’s only a basic proposal and the tastes of each one are, of course, very particular.

So here’s a little erotic foot fetish games guide. Kinky feet practices or games for fetishists of this part of the body. Not exactly for nylon, socks or footwear lovers, althought it’s related, but that would be another universe of games. Simply barefoot. These practices may have some sexual implication, but all should have an erotic tinge for feet lovers.


Simple but effective. A pleasure for who receives it and for who gives it. Never underestimate the massage’s sensual power. In addition, the health benefits of foot massages are well known.

FOOT WORSHIP (or foot adoration)

Involves licking, smelling, kissing, touching… every corner of the foot with submission, passion and devotion. When a woman finds a true foot worshiper, she notices it and enjoy it.

FOOTSTOOL (or foot-rest)

Putting feet over submissive, like a human footstool. The doggy position is very usual, while her feet rest on his back. Or lying on the floor as a carpet (human carpet) and feet resting over chest, face or any body part.


The fetishist subject lies on the floor or bed (for cushion the weight) and the other gets on top. For more detail you can read here the post I wrote some weeks ago. This practice can be done, in general, in two ways: with some pain (violent jumps, nailing high heels…) and more “playful” trampling, more sensual and erotic, the way I personally preffer.


There are fetishists who enjoy doing tickling, usually, on soles.. And there’re those who like to receive them. Tickling produces laughter and, with it, endorphins (the “happiness hormone”) that stimulates brain’s areas that are related with enjoyment and desire.

FOOD & FOOT FETISH (eat from the feet, foot feeding)

The food is usual in erotic games. It’s also very sensual transform feet into a food dish (adding some chocolat, honey or yogurt …). The fetishist finds it delicious and eats it all without cutlery, of course. There is also fun with food trampling (bananas, cakes …) and then cleaning feet completely with tongue.

FOOTJOB (masturbation with feet)

Penis holded with both feet, in the arch that is between the two soles, rubbing dick with feet, moving up and down, using toes (toejob), only soles (solejob) or any kind of footwear (shoejob). Feet masturbation can also be done from men to women, stroking clitoris with the foot. In this case, one must be able to caress with enough skill but delicate way. Another very usual fetish is cum over feet.

Here finishes this brief guide. Of course, there may be more games and multiple variations. You only just need some little imagination. What foot fetish games do you like or would like to practice?

Bye friends,


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