The trampling is a common practice that has many followers (just do a search of the term on YouTube to see the high volume of results) and for some submissive foot fetishists is extremely exciting. The most usual thing is that the woman tramples on the man and also is usually practiced between two men.

Trampling is usually used in s/m games. The trampling’s pleasure is related to the submission and humiliation of being under the their Mistress’ feet. An enthusiast of this practice told me once: “When she is on top on me, I feel all her power.

Here you have some tips if you want to practice most satisfactory game:


If the physical condition is correct and the weights are provided, there should be no problem. Keep in mind that when the submissive knows that is going to be trampled will contracts -unconsciously- the muscles for protecting himself. With care and skill the face can be trampled, although this can be done only by experienced people.


The entire body can be trampled with special attention to sensitive areas such as floating ribs or genitals. The joints are also avoided (knees, ankles …). The face or neck can also be trampled, but as I said, only with an experienced dominant. To start in this game, try with chest or stomach. They are two easy zones.


The dominant person (who tramples) must distribute the weight in a balanced way and not doing all the pressure on the same area. The tendency is to load the weight on the heels, but this causes more pain on the submissive, so the weight must be balanced on the entire foot.


Trampling can be practiced bare feet or with shoes -often high heels shoes-. The barefoot is easier because gives more balance and security. Also because the heel, obviously, is more damaging, it sticks in and leaves temporary marks. When you have more experience and your game partner also, you can try shoes trampling. But always with careful.


If you won’t to lose balance, submissive is placed next to a support point (the wall, a sofa, a piece of furniture). Walking on a body can be quite complicated. In any case, it’s enough to have a support and be careful where you walk.

From here, there are numerous variations and postures of trampling: face up, face down, on the chest, on the stomach, on the legs, on the back, a person or several people trampling on the same (multitrampling)… My favorite it’s with one foot on the chest and the other, pointed, inside my mouth. It’s easy to keep balance for her, while I enjoy the delicious toes in my mouth, dominated, with a very proud Mistress watching me when I surrender under her feet.

Bye friends,


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