How to tell your partner that I am a feet lover? This is a question I get asked frequently. There’s another: when did you begin to play with female feet ?. In my case both are related, because I started in this fetishism when I told my partner about this taste. And I did  in the most natural and simple way possible. Can you show me your feet? I like them, they are very pretty. I massaged and kissed them with all her pleasure’s face.

Everybody is an individual and each couple too. That what serves to me doesn’t have to serve you. This is not a manual about how to tell to your partner, neither some tips to follow or some magic ideas that automatically solve the subject. These are only some reflections for us to take into account. And by the way, not only helps for foot fetishists, but to any person with an unusual sexual taste that wants to share with someone close.


It’s important to have an open mind and this is as simple as listening without judging. In this way we know other options to understand them. So the first thing is listen without prejudice. I know it can be complicated because we have an education and a society that gets us into our head what’s “normal”, what’s “good” and what’s “weird”. But if we overlook that, we’ll discover an exciting world. Good or bad? That will be valued for each one according to its own experience.

How many times do we adapt to our couple’s tastes? Maybe we’ve never gone to the mountain but we like trekking. Or suddenly we start to like football. Or we go to Japanese restaurants, but we hate raw fish. Maybe these things end up liking or marveling. The same thing with sex. It’s about being flexible to the other person’s proposals and if they do not clash with our values or tastes, why not give them a try?


It’s relatively common to hear “my wife doesn’t understand me”. And here I ask: have you admitted it to her? Of course there will be those who doesn’t wants to know anything, but in many cases we don’t try because we can’t find the right moment, or we don’t know how to admit it, or we think she’s going to judge us. Doing it more or less gradually, without pressure or insistence, but you must do it, don’t get self-censure. Treating things with naturally helps them to see them more natural. Sometimes it’s easier than it may seem.

A friend told me recently that when he met his wife threw all his High Heels magazines (for those who don’t know it, was a fetishism reference in the time that there was no internet) and hid their tastes for fear of being rejected. This is the common way. But some day they spoke about it, and gradually were entering into the game.

Or this other message someone sent me:

Hello FH, I’m very happy. 2 days ago we tried a foot fetish session with my girlfriend. It was not planned, her feet was on my shoulders and I was on top of her. We began to have sex and I started to kiss her legs, until I reached the heel. I looked at her fixedly and she had a pleasure’s face, I proceeded to put my tongue over the sole and she still enjoyed seeing me so excited. Then I put her big toe into my mouth and started to ejaculate in an extraordinary way. I just wanted to comment, I think thanks to you I encouraged myself to do it. I send greetings from Australia. Regards.

The world is too beautiful to censor our fantasies.


Feet Hunter

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