Every week I receive several emails of girls interested in the foot modeling. I can’t reply to all for lack of time, but I can shine some light on the subject based on my experience on this field. And, of course, this post also serves for men, there are lot of people interested in the masculine foot fetish. How to become a foot model and not die trying? This is thefinal guidebook.


This is a complicated topic and some girls just simplify it all in one question: “How can I sell pics of my feet?” They have watched a Youtube’s video or have read some post talking about someone who has earn some thousand dollars “selling pics of her feet”.

Beware of people who promise huge wins

Yes, you can earn money selling images of your feet but this is certainly not as simple as it appears. To start, the foot fetish business is not only focused on selling pics, the market is much bigger; selling feet pics is only a very small part to earn cash. But, what about the other ways? And the most important, how I do that?


You don’t need to be extremely beautiful or have an exquisite body to be paid in the foot modeling, but there are a few requirements:

Although it seems obvious, you must have nice feet. It doesn’t matter if are big or small, slender or short, the important here is: No corns, bunions or malformations, with smooth skin and well-cared toenails. Yes, maybe some people are interested in ugly feet, but as a general rule, foot fetishists desire good-looking feet.

Perfect feet for foot modeling

Social Media skills. I mean, high skills. If you know how to use them, how to take advantage and how to have more and more followers you have already covered much ground. Nowadays, if you want to earn some good money in any Internet’s activity, it’s essential to have Social Media high skills.

Some knowledge about marketing online. This doesn’t means to be an expert on the subject, and you also don’t need a college degree; just using the common sense, doing a little digging around the Net we can manage to have those basic knowledge that allow us to make a profitable activity.

Payment methods. You need one payment method, but it’s better to have various: Patreon, Amazon gift cards, Onlyfans account… and, of course, online banks to transfer the money to your local bank account (Paypal, Paxum, Neteller, etc).


First of all, you need to ask yourself: What kind of foot model I want to be?

There are 2 mainly categories (online and live) that, at the same time, are divided into several subcategories; you can choice one, many of them or only those that you think are better or more appropiate for you. With some of these ways you can earn money immediately, others are profitables in the medium and long term.



It would be the best option if they didn’t have those highly restrictive policies. Sure you know how works, if you have a lot of traffic on your videos, you can make a lot of money… The problem is the subject; The Foot Fetish is strictly prohibited on this platform, and the foot fetish or related videos with this topic are systematically deleted, or just they can’t be monetized.

You can try it, you can take the risk: create a channel, upload some videos and maybe Youtube will respect it, like happens with these foot fetish channels that I’ve talked in this post. They have been there for several years!

Foot model of Youtube

If you do it, don’t use words like “foot fetish”, “foot worship” or “soles slave” in the video’s description or in the keyword tags. By the other hand, even your channel keeps active, you will cannot monetize your videos, but you can use the audience to promote your own products, website or Social Media.

Porn streaming sites

The best alternative to Youtube if you want to make money with your feet. Sites like Pornhub, Xhamster or Xvideos are huge portals with millions of visitors every day and they provide us several ways to earn cash with our pictures and videos. But, like happens in Youtube, that income could be really attractive when  we have a high number of suscribers.

Xhamster’s model program

You can make money through advertising embedded in the videos, or you can also put on sale your self-made videos, promoting your own site and Social Media… You just have to verify your identity, upload some high quality videos and be constant on it. If you do it well you will start getting profits from it in a short time; every day more and more.

A little tip:
If you try on Pornhub, there’s a way to get more visitors on your videos in the beginning. When you upload the video, translate the title to all languages possible, using different titles every time.

Social Media

You can make enough money with the Social Networks, but you need lot of followers, either in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other Social Media. I recommend you to start with Instagram, since it’s currently the most trendy social network, and if you upload high quality foot fetish content you can get lot of followers in a short time. Remember that the main purpose here is gain followers, forget the money, at least until you have a high number of suscribers.

Once you have them, you just have to add some payment options to monetize your content:

Your own blog or website

A blog/website can prove to be quite profitable but it has pros and cons which should be evaluated before you make a choice:


  • Full control of your own space
  • Publish your favorite content without limits
  • Sell your own products
  • Promote your other sites and Social Media
  • You can’t be banned and your account never will be deleted


  • Requires minimum computer knowledge and a bit of web programming skills (but currently it’s quite easy with WordPress)
  • Also you need to learn something about online marketing, search engines optimitzation (SEO)
  • Need a long time to get a high number of visitors

If you want to create your own website for free, you have this option:

Selling used footwear

Selling worn clothes, like shoes, socks and stockings or even panties; there are those who go beyond and sell their own body fluids (urine, spits), pubic hair, stool and everything you can imagine. To sell smelly footwear, socks and stockings there is a whole underground market for foot fetishishts in eBay, where you can register and sell everything you want without limits, paying a small fee. Specially if your are located in US or UK.

You can sell worn shoes in Ebay easily

If you live in another country, you can also try with eBay or publish some ads in a classified ads’ website, forum or even in your Social Networks.


Online webcam shows are a well known business with many possibilities to make a lot of money. There are a huge number of girls offering sexual-nude shows through the webcam, but only a few specialized in the foot fetish & domination field… take advantage of the chance! It’s a very profitable activity because there are high demand and low supply.

Access from HERE to the best webcams sponsor.

Model for a foot fetish website

You must be self-starting; currently there are thousands of foot fetish pages in the Net, sites that are constantly looking for new foot models, and they usually pay well enough. You just only have to get in touch with them and negotiate the terms. Or even you can sell your own videos and photos to these sites.

On my foot fetish links section you will find lot of websites that could be interested in new foot models. Access from here.

Tips for success

To attract a lot of followers you must be original, brave and daring. Choose a profile, a style or create a striking character: this could be the key to success. In the foot fetish world, the typical character is the dominant Mistress (or ‘Goddess’).

Here you have some profiles of girls who practice the Femdom (female domination) and Findom (finantial domination) or just simply sell feet videos and pictures:

Although the character of the Dominant Mistress is not the only one; if you like videogames you can be a barefoot gamer, like this kinky girl who makes live broadcasts of her video game sessions at the same time that she shows her gorgeous feet and soles to the audience, gaining lot of followers every day.

Pixie Nixx is a foot fetishist gamer girl

Some girls even mix foot fetish and religion like this Youtuber, but I think that’s too much weird, even for me hahaha. Anyway, whatever the character you choose think what fun and profitable may become. I wouldn’t recommend nothing too serious, nor any too freak.

Connect all!

Connect all your Social Media, profiles, websites, blogs, pornstreaming sites and promote all your products (pcitures, videos, footwear, lingerie…) whenever possible. Try to create a brand or character with a very defined style, likely to be recognized, kinky and striking. Work, enthusiasm, endurance, dedicated and committed: this is the first step, the only way. And then the rest (money) comes gradually.


There are also a very lucrative & profitable business offline; the live foot fetish sessions are in style and every day more and more girls do this type of job. But, what are the options? Broadly speaking, there are 3:

Foot Parties

A place where foot fetishists meet foot models. Foot massages, smelling, worship, trampling and other related games: sex is absolutely forbidden in the foot parties. Foot Models are usually paid by hours, and the fee depends of the company. In addition, you can get some extra-pay like a tip by the customers. If you are interested, check this link to find a foot fetish clubs near your location and contact with them.

Foot fetish party

Trademarks Foot model

Of course, brands of footwear, socks or lingerie are always interested in women with cute feet for their advertising campaings. Nail products, creams, lotions… There are lot of commercial stuff related with feet, with a bit of luck, your feet can become the image of a significant brand.

I let you a list of sites to apply for professional foot model jobs:

Private live foot fetish sessions

This is the only method I wouldn’t recommend you, by the risks and the potential dangers which may involve. If you finally decide to do it, take every possible precaution and, above all, never do this alone! Tell to a trusted person where you go.

Foot Fetish private live session

This info could be extremely precious if you know how use it, you can actually make a lot of money with your feet, it’s just a matter of work and attitude.

I hope you find this info helpful

Best regards,

The Feet Hunter

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