I have had multiple partners throughout my life, and with almost all I enjoyed the foot fetish, as much as they have enjoyed.  In most cases, I never even had to confess that I’m a foot fetishist, it came up spontaneously, in a natural way, and they so pleased.

Some of them knew it, others suspected it and the rest appreciated it a lot, getting carried away. To say the less, some of my partners were curious by the subject, I never found a girl who rejected me for the foot fetish, but, be careful! It should be done well, or otherwise…

You don’t want to be considered as a depraved, a weird guy obessed with feet, right? The key is always do it everything naturally, without forcing any situation or cause any unnecessary embarrassment moment… just let it flow, ok? Sure the time comes, think that the 99,9% of women dream of having men at their feet.

Are you one of those guys who drool with feet?

Sometimes footlovers can feel very alone, is not always easy openly express the tastes and fantasies to our couple, but there are many ways to fully enjoy our foot fetishism, without sounding like a desperated obsessed by feet. On this post I’ll give you some tips, how to confess our fetishism or how make our partner enjoy with it. Here you will learn, step by step, how to make your foot fetish fantasies come true.

1st STEP

This is obvious but, the first step it to have a partner, a good friend or maybe a co-worker. Also you can try with a college roommate, ore ven your neighbor, if there’re a good atmosphere between you, of course.

2nd STEP

It is not recommended begin a relationship openly admitting our huge passion for feet. It may sounds strange. At the beggining, we should use the proper words, never use expresions like “foot lover” or “foot fetishist”… it’s better say something like “I like your feet”,  “You have very cute feet” or “Your toes are gorgeous, I think a red pedicure it would look great there”.

Red pedicure looks great in all the feet

3rd STEP

Start with something simple: the foot massage. The foot massage is the key, all starts here. First of all, take some lessons of foot massages, or watch some tutorial video of Youtube, sure you will learn a lot becoming the Master of the foot rubbings… And the girls will love you for this!

This is essential: Take every occasion when your partner (or friend) is tired (after work, after a long walk, after exercise…) to offer her a relaxing foot massage. Check the reaction; It was a big deal for her? She felt comfortable? Embarrased? Disgusted? if she accepted it naturally, which is most likely… You’ve been take big step! You can say things her like: “Well I’m a foot massage expert” or “from now ask me every time you want some foot rubbing”.

The foot massage is the key

If you have been rubbing her feet for a while and you have enough confidence, you can try to give her a little kiss on her foot, as a joke, and check her reaction. IMPORTANT: Do it NATURAL so don’t make oversexed-face and especially don’t ask to sniff or lick her feet, at least initially.

4th STEP

Compliment her feet often, tell how beautiful and sexy are her feet, also suggest toenails color or pedicure type… Volunteer as her personal pedicurist, Generally girls love that, so it could rarely be any impediment. If everything right, now you’re close enough to go a step further.

Women love men who takes care of their feet

5th STEP

You have already contacted her feet and you’ve taken very important step.The next developments come naturally; caresses, hugs, words of love, friction and of course, sex. Sex before feet? Sex helps us break the last barrier with our partner, and is often an important indication that both are willing to open up and share the most intimate experiences. On sex issues, feet could be the most suited, stimulant and excellent preliminary intercourse. But remember, feet are not the only women’s part of the body! Are a complement, not an end. So don’t focus all your attention on them.

6th STEP

If you have sex with your partner, friend, co-worker, classmate… you must take the opportunity! Here everything goes: softly caresses her legs. Give her a sensitive foot massage adding words like “do you like that, honey?” You’ll see her answer is always positive. Now you can touch them more passionately, even slightly smell and kiss them, but do not neglect the other parts of her body, will be other times when you can recreate exclusively on her feet. Having done this, has broken many barriers and prior prejudices might have, and now rest assured that will be easier talk about your fetish tendencies with your couple.

Many girls turn on when their feet are kissed

Your couple probably will already have noticed that you like feet, but she no longer seen that as something strange or rare… only just a curious hobby, so you’ll have free rein to confess your innermost secrets.

7th STEP (final tip)

Having successfully completed the above steps, now both you are ready, and you can admit your most private of fetishism hobbies (smelly feet, domination, tickling, shoes, nylon… or whatever). Gradually, tell her about your tastes, your fantasies and desires, but be very careful and don’t hurry, don’t fill her head with your fetishist shit on the first day! And, of course, be kind, open and sympathetic for the things that she doesn’t like.

The foot worship is a common fantasy among many men

Throughout this process, it’s an important point that you get interested for her tastes, fantasies and desires too. Sure she has her own fetishes and you should discover her secrets too, remember that this is always a two-way Street.


The Feet Hunter

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