This article is specially dedicated to celebrities who has admitted their foot fetish. Sometimes, seems like there are only a few fetishists, or that they are hiden. However, every day more and more people confess the pasion and adoration for feet, legs, and all related with it. So, many people consider that foot fetish should no longer be a taboo subject.

Everybody know about the erotic pasion for women’s feet of the moviemaker Quentin Tarantino, actually, this topic is reflected in all his films. Another celebrities share his taste like Marilyn Manson, Andy Warhol, Dostoyevsky or even Christian Slater, who once declared: “I’m always experimenting in the bedroom and trying to discover new ways to have a good time and enjoy myself. I think toes are a lot of fun, definitely”. Elvis Presley, Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias also admitted that they have a thing for feet.  

Quentin Tarantino filming Rosario Dawson feet

But the taste for the foot fetish is not exclusive for men, since there are lot of women areound the world who enjoy this practice too, even among the celebrities. Well known women that openly have been declared as a foot fetishist or, failing that, have admitted that they like to have their feet worshipped. Those are 7 female celebrities with a foot fetish:

1. Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese (Míchigan, 1972) is an actress, erotic model and vedette. She’s a devoted foot fetishist and former exwife of Marilyn Manson (another foot fetish lover). Dita is well known for make hard training and exercises to tone her legs and feet to make them look not only well-cared but also stunning and attractive.

At the age of 18 first enetered in a fetish shop and there was no way back. Once said: “I like play with shoes, feet dangling, make a foot strip-tease”. Dita knows what she is talking about: “When I take off my sandals on the stage, I keep my invisible heels on. I mean, I remain on tiptoe, it’s not good idea put the entire sole on the floor when you have no clothes”.

2. Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland (Atlanta, 1981) is an American singer, composer, producer, dancer and singer, winner of 5 Grammy Awards. She rose to fame in 1990 as one of the members of Destiny’s Child. According the World Music Awards and SonyBMG, Destiny’s Child was appointed in 2005 as one of the female bands with best-sellings of all time.

Kelly has a total obsession for the shoes and she always openly acknowledged it. She don’t just puts name each one of her hundred of shoes, but also buying shoes bigger than her foot size, in order to preserve them as long as possible. “I have a 10 size, but I buy 10.5 size shoes because someone told me that when you have kids your feet get widened. I still have not been mom, but I want to make sure that I could wear them forever”.

3. Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke, born in Connecticut in 1971, is an actress, dancer, model and TV hostess. She’s well known for their involvement in the popular shows ‘Wild On!’ and ‘Rockstar’ in 2005 and 2006. Also she was the winner of the 7th season of ‘Dancing with the stars’, before being the co-host of the show from 2010 to 2013.

Brooke definitely loves feet. But certainly not ordinary feet, since she like them in a specific way. In her words: “I like feet. I definitely have a fetish. I love to see a man’s bare foot, but its got to be taken care of. If they’re not well manicured, you’ve got to wonder what the rest of him is like. I don’t want to get in bed with somebody and feel his gnarly feet.

4. Cristina Pedroche

Cristina Pedroche (Madrid, 1988) is a Spanish TV host, boradcaster, businesswoman and model. Also she a popular influencer, one of the Spanish celebrities with more followers on Instagram and Twitter. Currently she’s in a relationship with the renowned chef David Muñoz.

Cristina became a celebrity taking part on TV shows and working for the best Fashion brands. She never hesitate of taking her shoes off and show her feet while she’s working on the TV. One time during a talk-show, she confessed one of her best-kept secrets: “I like to have my feet kissed”, -commented to the astonishment of her co-workers, and added: “but I prefer lick my own feet” –she said getting the audience to laugh. After this unexpected confession, social media filled with messages about the popular tv presenter.

5. Shakira

Shakira (born in Barranquilla, in 1977), is a very popular Colombian songwriter, producer, dancer, businesswoman and lot of other things like UNICEF ambassador. An iconic superstar of the Latin Pop-Rock. She is a hugely successful singer who has won multiple Grammy, Latin Grammy and American Music Awards. Shakira is known as ‘The Queen of the Latin pop’ cause of her high level of sales.

But she has another nickname; ‘La barranquilera de pies descalzos’ (The barefoot barranquillera), since she usually appears barefoot on her videos, concerts, interviews and even sharing pics of her feet on Instagram. Actually, she herself admitted it on an interview: “Honestly I really love to go barefoot, I try to go without shoes whenever I can, although some people don’t like it”… So, do you like to see Shakira with shoes or without them?

6. Madonna

Madonna no needs introduction since she’s a music legend. Born in 1958 in Michigan, she is one of the most influential and popular artists of the 20th and 21th century. Considered ‘The Queen of Pop’, Madonna is an iconic star, unique and incomparable, glamorous, brave, succesful… and also controversial and sometimes, too much babbler.

Madonna has never declared that she is a foot fetishist, but admitted that she is aroused by feet. And, based on some events, she doesn’t care if male or female feet. In the cover of her álbum ‘Erotica’, she’s sucking Naomi Campbell’s toe and, In the music video ‘Medellin’, Madonna licks the foot of the Colombian singer Maluma… What do you think? Do has Madonna fetishist feeling or not?

7. Britney Spears

Britney Spears (Misisipi, 1981) is pop star and International singing sensation, singer, dancer, composer, model, actress, fashion designer and businesswoman. Her provocative personality has also put her under the spotlight in some of the most notorious controversies, like when, during a concert, she said: “Men frankly can suck my fucking toe…” or when, according to gossip, she took off her shoes on a plane and everybody was disgusted by the strong cheesy smell emanated from her feet.

Britney has a fancy for beautiful and pedicured feet and, for many years, her feet has been the object of desire of thousands Internet foot fetishists. Despite this, she never openly admitted that she has a foot fetish, but some of her appearances make us to suspect that definitely she must have a bit interest for the feet. Even she declared that she really enjoys having men kissing her feet… could this describe her as a foot fetishist? At least, fetishist of her own feet.


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