Mistress of s/m is a new and profitable way to exploit male sexual desire. More and more men are turning to women who offer their services on the Internet to satisfy their most unspeakable sexual desires, including being degraded and humiliated.

The Internet has changed the business working, the relationship to our customers and the way are products distributed. It’s common for the media press talking about personal stories of those entrepreneurs who have become famous -and rich- with Internet as the Facebook foundator Mark Zuckerberg. It’s not often that these reports focus on women who do porn, offer shows online or sell their sexual products, although they represent a new and interesting business model.

Anonymous girl‘s (wich we’ll call Samantha) story tells us many things about both the masculine desires and the modern enterprise’s world. As she explains on her blog, Samantha obtains most of his income from her clients’ videos order. She has done done more than a thousand throughout his career earning one dollar for every minute of video, in addition to percentage of the revenue on pay-per-view pages. Other sources include monthly subscriptions to her website, personal webcam shows, phone calls or used underwear sales, which can be around $70 per item. There’s ver low investment: she only needs a camera and a good perfomance.

It’s a very profitable lifestyle. As she herself explains, most of her videos of the last months have been ordered by a Dubai’s client (her first customer). Since January, he has spent $4,500 on Samantha, and all the requested videos have the same starting topic: “You are my wife“. “It’s amazing that he never tires of that theme, always interpreted by the same woman, with some little variations” says the actress. Other videos commissioned by this faithful client receive weird titles like “Better with the boss“, “My sister’s husband” or his great success, “Sexual phone call“. All the videos have a common point: the male humiliation theme. To take advantage of the male desire to see his life ruined by a pretty girl can be very profitable.

No mediators between the client and the producer, exploitation of men’s unspeakable desires through anonymity and high profitability for a small investment are three reasons on which Samantha’s success is based and which, at the same time , define the commerce’s future. All started when she met a man in a social network who, the more ignored he was, the more he was attracted to Samantha. She felt a mixture of disgust and curiosity for this man’s requests, who made a $250 offer by her piss. “Why not?” Lynch asked herself.

She had found the key of her company: big amount sales with low costs for men who couldn’t satisfy their sexual desires in any other way. Since then, Samantha has talked with thousands of men who have explained their lives and preferences. The young lady has no secrets, even on her enviroment, including her parents, about her type of job. In her words: “My father considers me a business genius, but my mother prefers not to talk about it“.

During her 10-year career none of her couples has disgusted about Lynch’s work. Occasionally some men have tried to collect her personal information and this becomes an uncomfortable situation. “To be honest, it’s a fucking dream” she confess in an interview. “It’s too good to be true.” The actress admits to being fascinated by the dark world of masculine desire, feeling a privileged to know secrets that many men do not share with anyone more.

Is the desire to be humiliated intrinsic to some men, or has it been the Internet that has caused the emergence of this urgency, supported by the net’s anonymity? “I think it’s quite possible that many of these limit fetishes have expanded because of the internet because there’s a fast and easy access to all that content” Samantha suggested. Anyway, reality can’t be understood simply as a result of technological changes. Samantha insinuates that many men use their services to liberate themselves from all the desires they have inside.

In theory, men shouldn’t be submissive, they aren’t allowed to be submissive” the actress explains. “I meet many men who don’t want to like what they like.” That’s another paradox of this kind of encounters, that produce both guilt and pleasure, which creates situations of confusion and frustration on the part of some customers. In some cases, these men are near addiction, spending big amounts of money. “Some guys seem compulsive and have no control” she explains. “Others tell me how they can’t satisfy their partner and prefer to masturbate with my videos.

If thousands of men have been able to spent their money to be humiliated by Samantha, we can supose that millions of men around the world enjoy have similar tastes, breaking with the usual male and female roles. Samantha is optimistic with the future, as she explains in an interview with “Fixe Fetish”: “I think the success of the homosexual rights movement will force people to downplay the importance of sexual intimancy” And, in addition, it’s a good way to open new business ways.

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