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A very common foot fetish way is the Tickling Fetish. This fetish does the art of tickling, usually on feet soles, sharing the pleasure of both who gives them and who receives it.

It may seem an innocent game but we know, from historical records, that the ‘foot tickling’ was a method of torture used in antiquity, a horrible way to obtain confessions or simply to infringe punishments.

But, what really arouses to lovers of the feet tickling? The tingling sensation in the soles? The laughter that this make? The sight of beautiful feet being gently caressed by fingers or feathers? Maybe all of them together.

Foot Fetish Tickling, also known as Foot Tickling Torture, in this case we can say a “sweet” torture, a practice who must have a special care, respecting the limits making the experience something fun while erotic and fascinating.

Feet soles are a hypersensitive area -for some more than for others- and very erogenous, giving immense pleasure if touched, massaged or licked in the right way: the same applies to tickling; the correct duration and intensity will give us the most erotic nad wonderful experince, without turning it into an unbearable suffering.

As I said, there’re people with soles hypersensitivity, people with whom it would be impossible to practice this fetish; not only that, it’s very unconfortable for these people to caress / massage their feet or, worse still, lick or tickle them: impossible mission!

We can find thousands of ‘Feet Tickling Fetish’ references on the Internet because, as I said at the beginning of the post, it’s one of the most common fetishes. And feet tickling is not the only way: also it’s practised in almost all body parts, especially the most sensitive areas: genitals, abdomen, armpits, ears, etcetera.

If you love to watching videos or images of this theme, you can find a large number of foot tickling fetish videos in large portals like Pornhub or Xhamster, and also in sites specialized in foot fetish like Feet9.

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