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I’ve started seeing a man who has a strong fetish about feet. Initialy, he was so shy, he sucked  my toes slightly on our first sexual encounter and commented “It’s strange, I Know”.  After the surprise it seems no different to liking other body parts like bottoms or breasts. He wanted a “footjob” and I tried to do as well as I could and finally he orgasmed with my feet over his head.

He loves to touch, lick and smell my feet and I enjoy it so much. What can I do to really excite him?

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ANSWER: Don’t need to pleasing this man… you already are doing it! He has found a girl who, far from disgusting, appreciates his weird style and is willing to take part; that’s a great luck for him. People with fetishes usually have a narrow range of sexual practises.  They usually have a particular way to display his sexual fantasies when they are based on foot fetish theme.

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You have discovered the pleasure to get his attention to your feet and it can produce very sensual and erotic sensations and he likes to see how much you enjoy it. Then don’t be bashful, teach him what he can do for you.

Written by Pamela Stephenson Connolly (on TheGuardian, 21 October 2010)

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist who specialises in treating sexual disorders.

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