We’ve talked about famous foot fetish scenes on television; Films, series, shows and even commercials. It remains to be seen foot fetish scenes in cartoon, in fact, it’s not usual to see them, but here are 10 hot scenes in cartoons that refer to foot fetish theme.

10. “The Adventures of Bud & Zoot at Mt. Snowhere” (cartoon)

An indie, simple and strange picture animation. But was successful in many countries (I don’t know why). Some guys relaxing in the Jacuzzi; One of the girls wants a foot massage and she gets pleased at time.

10-The Adventures of Bud and Zoot at Mt. Snowhere-A 10-The Adventures of Bud and Zoot at Mt. Snowhere-B
10-The Adventures of Bud and Zoot at Mt. Snowhere-C 10-The Adventures of Bud and Zoot at Mt. Snowhere-D

9. “Tenchi in Tokyo” (anime)

This anime is called Tenchi in Tokyo. This scene shows a closeup capture of a girl making her pedicure. Short scene, but very hot.

9-Tenchi in Tokyo-A 9-Tenchi in Tokyo-B

Foot Fetish Fuckbook-B-2

8. “Dragon Quest” (cartoon)

Sure you remember the famous manga “Dragon Quest”. On here we can see a typical tickle torture scene, but instead to use a feather, a monster with long viscous tongue tortues licks girl’s soles while she’s laughing and suffering.

8-Dragon Quest-A 8-Dragon Quest-B
8-Dragon Quest-C 8-Dragon Quest-D

7. “Shimoneta” (anime)

Shimoneta is an anime also titled “A boring world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn’t exist” than has many hot kinky femdom scenes. Like on here, we can see a spicy girl taking off socks and forcing a shy guy to lick worship her tiny feet.

7-Shimoneta-A 7-Shimoneta-B
7-Shimoneta-C 7-Shimoneta-D

6. “Ninja Turtles”  (cartoon)

April O’Neil was one of cartoon sexy symbols in 90’s. I enjoyed Ninja Turtles and I loved the most famous reporter in cartoons ever seen; The sexy redhead April O’neil. Now we know than she was a very ticklish girl as we can see on this tickle torture scene.

6-Ninja Turtles-A 6-Ninja Turtles-B
6-Ninja Turtles-C 6-Ninja Turtles-D

5. “Koihime Muso” (anime)

An erotic and sensual scene of this Japanese manga. The Boss orders servant to kneel and suck her foot in a symbol of submission, and the servant accesses happy. Meanwhile, another subject enters the room and watches the scene dumbfounded.

5-Koihime Muso-A 5-Koihime Muso-B
5-Koihime Muso-C 5-Koihime Muso-D


4. “Great Teacher Onizuka” (anime)

Great Teacher Onizuka, also known as “GTO”, is a hot japanese manga. Here we can see a student with a dominate attitude to her teacher, who at first get surprised but finally gets pleasured to worship lady’s feet.

4-Great Teacher Onizuka-A 4-Great Teacher Onizuka-B
4-Great Teacher Onizuka-C 4-Great Teacher Onizuka-D

3. “The Little Mermaid” (cartoon)

I remember this scene where Ariet gets her dream come true whe she had new legs. At firt she is surprised, after astonished and finally feels cheerful and fascinated wifggling and spreading her toes in funny movement.

3-The Little Mermaid-A 3-The Little Mermaid-B
3-The Little Mermaid-C 3-The Little Mermaid-D

2. “Cinderella, alternative funny version”  (cartoon)

A cartoon from my childhood that I used to watch all the time. It was awesome because it was like a foot fetish guy’s wet dream. It was funny, weird but also fun to watch. Unfortunately, this is the best quality that I could find. Specially dedicated to smelly feet lovers.

2-Cinderella-A 2-Cinderella-B
2-Cinderella-C 2-Cinderella-D

1. “Totally Spies” (cartoon)

Pair of hot foot fetish scenes on this cartoon called “Totally Spies”. In first, Mandy wants Colver to massage her feet with after disco dancing. In second scene we can see the same girl in a spa-center, Mandy, and her feet finally massaged by a muscled boy. She is fascinated and probably near to get orgasmed.

1-Totally Spies-A 1-Totally Spies-B
1-Totally Spies-C 1-Totally Spies-D

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