There are people out there that like go barefoot so much. The feeling of walking barefoot on the beach sand or on the wet grass is one of the most pleasant and enjoyable sensations that one can experience. Feeling your feet in totally freedom under any circumstance or place. But be careful! There are places that, for eduaction and, above all, security reasons maybe it’s better not to do.

Places where it’s USUAL go barefoot

At home, obvioulsy, for questions of  comfort. This is the first thing lot of poeple do when arrive at home; taking their shoes off and go barefoot by the house, for many, it’s very relaxing and de-stressing after a long day at work. Feeling the chill of the floor tiles in contrast to out warm and sweaty feet, is a delightful sensation that end-up becoming a tradition for many people.

It’s especially pleasant to walk barefoot on a carpet or on a hardwood floor… Yes, walking barefoot is a common hobby althought our feet end up full of crap. However, it is also true that there are some drawbacks, not only for the fact of dirty the soles, also for the chance of catch a cold or step on broken glass, what may can cause high damage on feet. But even so, the confort of walking barefoot at home is stronger than any problem that might come up.

In other countries, like in Japan, shoes are taken off before entering at home so that the unclean shoes do not touch the clean area inside of the house. Although not necessarily you must be barefoot, since, they use a special shoes for it known as ‘Geta’, the sandals made with a wood’s platform, you know, the typical Japanese footwear, as iconic as the popular Katanas.

Also is very common to wear white socks under sandals. Is well known that Japanese people have an ancestral tradition of the reverence to the female feet, but from another point of view that other societies and cultures.

In some cultures, like the Muslim, they always  take shoes off when they pray to their God. I’m pretty sure you have seen how the do that, rows of arabs in their coats, lying on the floor, praying… I wonder how must feel an arab foot fetishist, when have to pray with tons of sexy Muslim ladies showing her soles a few inches from her face. This has to remain between he and… his God.

In the beach or in the pool, go barefoot is almost mandatory, actually here the strange thing is to see people with their shoes on; the usual go barefoot (in the water) and with sandals or flip flops.

Beach is a very special place for most foot fetishists, as they can give free rein to their imagination enjoying the sight of hundred of feet, wet, soaking up the sun, full of sand… By the way, if you like to watch sexy girls showing their feet at the beach, I highly recommend you the site CaliforniaBeachFeet.

In the car dashboard, also could considered normal, although, as long as it is done in a friend or family member’s car, since do it in a stranger person’s car can be construed as an inappropriate gesture. But,  travelling along the road or stopped in a caravan, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen some cute feet reposing on the car dashboard, isn’t it? Do you turn yourself on with this image? I usually drool looking those sexy toes, but I try not pay too much attention to this fact, for fear of a possible accident.

However, this is a very dangerous practice, in case of accident, the consequences may be serious. So, don’t do it! Your life and your health depend on it. Althought is something lovely for most foot lovers, do it only when the car remain standing, just like the video below:

In some sports, like martial arts or yoga also is required go barefoot all the time. The most martial arts’ disciplines demand to go barefoot. Karate, Judo, Kung-fu, Tae-kwondo, Muay Thai… You will see everbody barefoot here, and it’s onvious why: no shoes, less damages, more confort and agility. Some sexual role-play games use the martial arts for its purposes, with a high component of domination and foot fetish.

The mainly reason for go barefoot in Yoga is the confort. Yoga, Pilates, Tai-Chi…

Any of these disciplines requires great concentration and to do that we must feel highly comfortable and relaxed and, Is there anything more relaxing than take our shoes off?

Places where it’s NOT usual go barefoot

It’s not usual to see barefoot women in the street, but some girls don’t hesitate to walking around without shoes and without embarrassment for it. I’ve seen that many times and it’s something that I love, it’s too much sexy watching beautiful ladies strolling barefeet.

They usually end up with her soles black, very dirty, full of crap, and lot of foot fetishists llove the dirty feet, right? But here we have very high risk of step on broken glass and get your feet hurt. So be careful! Watch where you’re treading.

In the Shopping Centre, it’s not very usual, but sometimes you can see girls without their shoes on. Some of them are influencers, doing challenges or funny videos for their audience.

Other women just have feet tired and relieves theirselves taking their shoes off… And also there are ladies who simply want to attract attention, by comedy, or just want to have a little fun doing something different.

On public transport, whether by train, bus or even on plane, we have plenty of examples of passengers who can’t restrain their impulses (or just are too much self-indulgents) taking off shoes wherever they are.

And of course, this could be very arousing for a foot fetishist, but for a non-fetishist could turn into an uncomfortable and disgusting situation.

It is for this reason that the social media are filled of images  of “impolite” passengers who don’t hesitate to take shoes off and rest their feet in the sight of all, even near of the person sitting near them. That makes people, outraged, share a picture of the moment, adding comments like Girl on the plane next to me decided to make herself REAL comfortable on my flight to LA today”.

Some passengers are calm with it, even joking about it, but others feel bad, conflicted and disgusted with this issue. As I said before, for a real foot fetish lover could be very hot and exciting moment.

At some point, my dear friend, I’m pretty sure you’ve been experienced such situation. What has been your reaction? You liked or made you feel weird? Did this fact turns you on? Would you wish to be close to those feet to smell, touch and even lick them?

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with fantasize about these unforeseen situations that brighten up our life. As long as things end up there, don’t even think about doing anything foolish like on this scene of the movie “Road Trip”, in which we can see a foot fetishist who cannot suppress his kinky instincts and makes a lunge for the feet of the girl near him. The woman (the sexy actress Amy Smart), feels first confused and after furious for it.

A very weird and hilarious scene… So, did you ever had a similar experience? What were your thoughts about it?


The Feet Hunter

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