I love browsing the different existing social networks of Internet (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …) to search feet pictures at social media. There’re a big number of girls who, publicly or anonymously, show their beautiful feet.

We totally dismiss Youtube, they have a censorship methods of the Middle Age, in addition to some policy’s inconsistencies. You can easily find really toxic videos, denigrating, violent that attempt against the peoples’ sensibility, abolutely disgusting videos accepted by the community and by those in command. But a woman (FULLY CLOTHED) showing her feet is considered an intolerable perversion, at the level of most bizzarre hardcore porn, so they are systematically deleted.

But, for instance, on Facebook you only have to write “feet” in the search engine and you’ll see a large number of profiles and groups related to foot fetish practice. Many women of all ages (always legal age of course), of any race, religion or culture show their feet quite naturally. There are a lot of groups interested on feet theme, steady sharing pictures or videos and, many times, homemade amateur content, not seen before on any place in the network.

Same thing for Instagram: using the search engine and entering words like “feet”, “foot fetish” or “girl feet” you’ll find, literally, hundreds of profiles! Models, housewives, students, milfs… If you search hard, sure you’ll find your neighbor or co-worker’s feet.

And of course Twitter, this social media is also used (massively) to indulging every foot lover’s fantasy, whether men or women. All this with an extra freedom that Facebook doesn’t provides you, which is more strict in this regard even in the case of not explicit sexually.

After a hard target search through social network, after checking thousand and thousand of feet images, I have chosen the 20 most sexy feet that can be found on the Internet. If you love feet, don’t miss this gallery, click on the banner below: