Podophilia is a sexual excitement or atraction of feet, popularly known as “foot fetish”.

Summer is time of heat and high temperatures, women are beginning to parade through our streets showing their nude feet. With sandals and flip flops. To avoid epidermal problems, doctors and podiatrists advise that we must let the foot breathe. Obviously, summer is the time of the year for most foot fetishists. We’re amazed wherever we go, with high preference on the beaches.

Stroking, sniffing, kissing, massaging, licking and nibbling are the most common behavior, although each decides according to his fantasies.

Podophilia has been studied for a long time and although a definitive conclusion hasn’t been reached that explains the reasons of this practise, specialists continue looking for the answer. Since before the nineteenth century that was already under study although now, -cause to the Internet- it’s a popular topic. Anyway, foot fetish always was been a taboo subject and lot of foot fetishists keep their desires and fantasies secret.

Currently, Professor Vilayanur Ramachandran (Center for Brain and Cognition -CBC- University of California) argues that genitals and feet’s nerves are in contiguous areas of the somatic-sensory cortex and can be crossed between them. Some people believe that the vaginal smell and female feet smell are similar. Some others think that female curves look like the arch of feet.

The truth is that it remains a mystery even for those who from very young have felt that strange feelings with women’s feet. A feeling of desire.

Quentin Tarantino was one of the first famous fetishists I met (not personally), besides loving and enjoying with his movies, not only by feet scenes that appear in Kill Bill, Jackie Brown, Death Proof, Pulp Fiction or Inglourious Basterds. I’m very identified in the way how he expresses his podophilia. Sometimes, it’s innocent insinuation and, other times, the foot becomes the main character of the sequence.

After digging a lot, I discovered some interesting things about this topic, I read that Andy Warhol was also a foot fetish lover.. even he had a mummified foot in his bed! In “The Brothers Karamazov” and in “Crime and Punishment“, classics of literature signed by Dostoevsky, appear some soft foot fetish practises. I was very surprised with Elvis Presley, the King also had a foot fetish. But he’s not the only one: Madonna, Jack Black, Pharrell Williams or Marylin Manson have publicly confessed their predilection for the feet.

As you can see, foot fetish is not such a strange and unpopular practice.

Fortunately, with the Internet arrival (and what that entails), has been created Facebook groups, Instagram hashtags (#footfetish) websites, blogs… No one has lagged. Porn websites have incorporated in their usual content lot of pics and videos from foot fetish category. A country with a high foot fetish culture is Japan. They are specialists of foot reflexology, because women almost force men to have a foot massage before sexual act, as one of the most erotic sex preliminaries.

Summer is the key. Everyone shows body parts during the year that have been hidden by sweaters and shoes. Many times I imagine how could be the TV presenter’s feet; the toes’ shape or if it has a very high arch or, maybe, has a very  thick -or very thin- heel. You look all the details: it’s little dirty? it’s some dry? with hardness or without them? painted or normal toenails?

Then you go “Google Images” to find some new feet to watch.

But barefoot is not the only thing. Feet mixed with any kind of shoe, socks or stockings also turn us on. The famous photographer Elmer Batters captured foot fetish world in a very precisely and sexually suggestive way. All kind of adornments’ feet: including lingerie, tattoos, ankle bracelets or toe rings from all possible perspectives in his particular -but erotic- style. As a good feet lover, he captured the foot fetish essence with his camera better than anyone else.

Feet fetishists also are voyeurs; usually we conceal to not seem a sexual obsessed. You sit on a bar terrace and watch the feet from women around you. You go to the beach and continue with the ritual. No one would ever think you’re a foot fetishist. Because it’s not -yet- positively perceived by most people.

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