When I was asked to do a blog post for The Feet Hunter, I inquired as to what I should write about.  Hoping to get some direction, I was given the one thing that I hate – freedom to write what I want.  What a horrible thing, right? 
I pondered for a long time on what to write about for a blog that covers all different aspects of the foot fetish.  And then I realized – the diversity and variety of foot fetish IS a topic!
It always amazes the sheer number of variables within the foot fetish community.  I, myself, am very much a nylon foot lover (mixing my fetish for pantyhose with feet), and I enjoy the smell of my wife’s feet in pantyhose after a day’s wearing.  However, there are some people who enjoy bare feet more.  There are some people who prefer clean feet over aromatic feet.  There are some who enjoy trampling, some who enjoy ballbusting, some who enjoy the mere act of looking at feet.  Some like soft young feet, some like mature feet with calloused skin.  Big feet, small feet, high arches, long toes… the list goes on and on.
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Essentially, there’s a place for everyone in the foot fetish community.  While a picture of one man’s wife’s feet might do nothing for me, obviously they’re special to him, and that’s wonderful.  And that’s why a community is a great thing.  I grew up in an era before the internet, and I thought I was a weirdo, maybe even a bad person, because I liked feet.  Then, when I was able to see that there were communities of people with a similar interest, I felt much better about myself.  The fact that there were variables within that interest made it even better – everyone was accepting of everyone elses kinks and desires.
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As with all walks of life, acceptance of diversity is the key to staying united.  Perhaps the rest of the “normal” world should take a page from us foot fetishists and absorb that philosophy into their lives.  Long live the foot fetish revolution!
See you soon,

JT Peters (Author of pantyhose and foot fetish erotica)

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