Another round of foot fetish scenes at cinema. This is the 4th part. Enjoy this new hot foot fetish scenes compilation

10. Adrift (2009) Camilla Belle

10-Adrift (2009)

On this brasilian movie Camilla Belle shows her woman’s weapon and forces Vincent Cassel to worship her beautiful feet. Obviouly he licks them with the good attitude.

10-A 10-B
10-C 10-D
10-E 10-F

9. A Farewell to Arms (1932) Helen Hayes

9-A Farewell to Arms (1932)

Maybe this scene deserves more higher position, has more than 80 years. Foot fetish was on cinema long time ago. Gary Cooper was an awesome actor, and Helen Hayes too; look her pretty feet & shoes on this scene, her kinky smile… absolutely fascinating piece for foot fetish lovers.

9-A 9-B
9-C 9-D
9-E 9-F

8. Searching for the elephant (2009) Lee Ming Jung

8-Searching for the elephant (2009)

A short foot fetish cut on this South Korean movie. But it’s in HD and the actress Lee Ming Jung deserves to be at this top. She has a gorgeous face and her white feet is near to perfection.

8-A 8-B
8-C 8-D
8-E 8-F

7. Good Advice (2001) Lisa Rinna

7-Good Advice (2001)

Couldn’t miss Charlie Sheen on a foot fetish top. It’s not the first time to seeing Charlie having a foot fetish. Think I Heard he’s a foot lover too, but I’m not sure. On this film has a lucky scene with the marvellous mature Lisa Rinna, licking her toes while she’s at phone talking with… ¿her husband?

7-A 7-B
7-C 7-D
7-E 7-F

6. New York Minute (2004) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

6-New York Minute (2004)

Our favourite twins on cinema have a foot fetish momento too. It’s a simply. Innocent game, smelling & kissing feet scene. They’re so sweet on this scene, and we can appreciate very nice pedicured toes and small cute feet. Delicious.

6-A 6-B
6-C 6-D
6-E 6-F

5. Restoration (1995) Meg Ryan

5-Restoration (1995)

An old movie (more than 20 years) so we can see a very Young Meg Ryan and Robert Dowing Jr. She falls in love with him, put her sweet feet over his intimate parts.. He looks shocked for a while, and then kisses her with passion. True love on ancient times.

5-A 5-B
5-C 5-D
5-E 5-F

4. King’s Ransom (2005) Kellita Smith

4-King's Ransom (2005)

Jay Mohr was fascinated with Kellita Smith’s feet on this movie. She’s kidnapped, tied to a chair with Anthony Anderson trying to escape. She uses her woman weapons; her sexy feet over body of an hypnotized Jay.

4-A 4-B
4-C 4-D
4-E 4-F

3. Dirty Girl (2010) Juno Temple

3-Dirty Girl (2010)

Juno Temple show us her sweet soles and toes on car. Must be so hard to make a pedicure on a moving car but seems she controls the situation perfectly. Look that cheesy soles and that lovely (very suckable) red toenails.

3-A 3-B
3-C 3-D
3-E 3-F

2. Trouble Bound (1993) Patricia Arquette

2-Trouble Bound (1993)

I love Patricia Arquette and this is not the only foot fetish scene on her filmography. She’s perfect for dominant & dangerous woman role on films. Here we can see a big example; Kiss my feet! She’s screaming while’s pointing to man with the gun. Obvioulsy he downs to worship her feet. Isn’t it sexy?

2-A 2-B
2-C 2-D
2-E 2-F
2-G 2-H

1. Booty Call (1997) Vivica A. Fox and Tamala Jones

1-Booty Call (1997)

An hilarious and very funny scene with Jamie Fox, Tommy Davidson, Vivica A.Fox and Tamala Jones. Looks like a foot fetish foursome under the table. Finally arrives the dog and licks Vivica’s toes deeply while she’s near to achieve an orgasm as we can see on her sighing deeply.

1-A 1-B
1-C 1-D
1-E 1-F
1-G 1-H

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