Let’s continue to this foot fetish at cinema’s tour. This is the part number 3, more hot foot fetish scenes with famous actresses showing their wonderful feet.

10. Lolita (1962) Sue Lyon

10-Lolita (1962)

A simply but kinky scene from the film Lolita on 60’s. It’s the intro; Sue Lyon’s toenails get painted by James Mason, principals characters on the movie.

10-A 10-B
10-C 10-D

9. Descent (2007) Rosario Dawson

9-Descent (2007)

This scene takes place in a disco or night club. Rosario Dawson is lying on a couch with a guy completely fascinated with her feet. “You have beautiful feet, know it?”, and Rosario can’t wait to order him “Kiss it”. The boy doesn’t waste his time and worship her feet instantly.

9-A 9-B
9-C 9-D


8. Road trip: Beer pong (2009) Julia Levy-Boeken

8-Road trip Beer pong (2009)

A typical scene: A boyfriend is rubbing his girlfriend’s feet when Julia Levy-Boeken says a surprising: “Kiss it”. The boy’s reaction is natural and submissive, knows it’s an honour to lick that wonderful feet.

8-A 8-B
8-C 8-D
8-E 8-F

7. Kill Bill Vol I (2003) Uma Thurman

7-Kill Bill Vol I (2003)

Personally I think Uma Thurman has not the most beautiful feet, comparing with other celebrities. Big size feet according a tall –cute- woman. But a thing is sure; she’s knows to use them. We saw her on the movie “Pulp Fiction” as Mia Wallace, many baerfoot scenes. On Kill Bill vol I we can see a large scene showing her soles and toes. “Wiggle your big toe”. Epic.

7-A 7-B
7-C 7-D
7-E 7-F

6. Ask from the Dust (2006) Salma Hayek

6-Ask from the Dust (2006)

Salma Hayek is rubbing her feet over a thoughtful Collin Farrell. She’s trying to call his attention with her legs and feet, but seems like Collin doesn’t enjoy those feet games. Or could be he’s too worried about something; but just between you and me; who’s the fool who reject Salma’s feet?

6-A 6-B
6-C 6-D
6-E 6-F

5. Here on earth (2000) Leelee Sobieski

5-Here on earth (2000)

The foot fetish can be viewed from the domination’s perspective, although it can also be seen from the romantic side, as in this scene with Leelee Sobieski and Chris Clein. Romantic, tender and very seductive.

5-A 5-B
5-E 5-C
5-F 5-D

4. Buried Alive (2007) Leah Rachel

4-Buried Alive (2007)

I love Leah Rachel’s face, she’s like an angel. At this movie we can see a playful Rachel moving her feet and toes over her boyfriend’s intimate parts. He’s laughing and enjoying so much this situation, while Friends looking the scene completely stunned.

4-A 4-B
4-C 4-D
4-E 4-F
4-G 4-H

 3. The Little death (2014) Bojana Novakovic

3-The Little death (2014)

“The Little Death” in french “Le petite mort” the way are called orgasms too, a great tittle for a great movie. Bojana Novajovic’s feet are showed in all their glory. Foot Licking and toe sucking very hot scenes. Sex play before sex.

3-A 3-B
3-C 3-D
3-E 3-F
3-G 3-H

2- Moonlight Whispers -Gekkô no sasayaki- (1999) Harumi Inoue

2-Moonlight Whispers (1999)

Moonlight Whispers seems a b-movie of low-budget. The japan movie was filmed on 1999, more than 15 years ago. It’s a strange / bizzarre and erotic movie with with a high degree of BDSM game and bit of insane.  Watch the japan actress Harumi Inoue kicking her prisoner’s head. Femdom and foot worship kinky scene, could be too much violent.

2-A 2-B
2-C 2-D
2-E 2-F

1. The Crew (2000) Carrie-Anne Moss

1-The Crew (2000)

Carrie-Anne Moss has a special sex-appeal, don’t you think? In the memory of her role played in “Matrix” and the amazing ‘black leather’ Trinity. At this shot she expressed haughty and arrogant, and then the guy bends down to worship her absolutelly fascinating feet.

1-A 1-B
1-C 1-D
1-E 1-F

Do you know about more foot fetish scenes? Tell me!

See you friends,


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