We have seen before Tops about foot fetish scenes on cinema and feet scenes on Tv shows. Now I’ll share some foot fetish scenes on commercial Tv Spots. Yes, fortunately for us, foot fetish is everywhere! Enjoy this compilation

10. Funny foot massage (Crocs)


Look at those friendly and playful shoes; when the lady arrives at home, they take care of her feet. Can you imagine if they were real?

10-a 10-b
10-c 10-d

9. Close-up feet view (R.K. Marble Group)


A pleasant and relaxing scene… Very cute feet, long toes, nice pedicure… a sexy barefoot walking.

9-a 9-b
9-c 9-d

8. Sexy girl painting her toenails (Walgreens)


A simple but erotic commercial video. Beautiful girl doing a multi-color pedicure, and finally her little cute feet and tiny toes looks so good & original. Ready for be licked.

8-a 8-b
8-c 8-d
8-e 8-f


7. Foot fetish orgasm (Havaianas)


The girl arrives tired at home with sore feet and takes off her high heels by putting on a very confortable (havaianas) flip flops. Now she’s screaming for pleasure… but neighbors are not sure why she’s screaming…

7-a 7-b
7-c 7-d
7-e 7-f

6. Catherine Zeta Jones (Alfa Romeo)


An amazing Catherine Zeta Jones feet scene. ¿Isn’t enough sexy a cute woman driving barefoot? Here we can see the famous actress taking off her sexy shoes, driving an alfa romeo completely barefoot with pedal plumping included and an epic final comment: “My shoes please”.

6-a 6-b
6-c 6-d
6-e 6-f

5. High heels & feet (Price Shoes)


Very cool Tv Spot. Fresh & dinamic images and video secuences with sexy & cute feet, beauty girls, lots of shoes, high heels. From a shoe store comercial with the slogan “Comparte mi obsesión” (share my obsession). It deserves to be at this top.

5-a 5-b
5-c 5-d
5-e 5-f
5-g 5-h


4. Foot torture or bad massage? (Twins)


This is a strange but kinky chinese commercial. This poor girl is getting a mix of tickle and hurting torture (chinese torture?), or something similar. Or maybe she has a very clumsy friends… In any case, the sure she is not enjoying… until arrives the marvellous, wonderful and fantastic reflexion twin-kneading roller massager! The terror of foot rubbing lovers.

4-a 4-b
4-c 4-d
4-e 4-f

3. Walking barefoot on grass (Relax)


Maybe this commercial it’s not the most explicit foot fetish scene, but has an evocative power and a deep feeling. A very expressive symbolic situation, no words needed. The video is simple; a business woman walking barefoot on the grass, but the meaning is beyond the scene.

3-a 3-b
3-c 3-d
3-e 3-f

2. Basketball commercial with Nicole from Pussycat Dolls (Nike)


I love that kinky scene; seduction and sensuality with Nicole from Pussycat Dolls. She’s testing the new basketball trainers… But sure she looks better with those awesome red high heel shoes.. or even better; absolutely barefoot. Don’t you think?

2-a 2-b
2-c 2-d
2-e 2-f
2-g 2-h


1. Girl on bus (Ritz Crackers)


A daily routine scene; Girl travelling on bus, take off her shoes for being more confortable but seems that she haven’t got enough.. It’s better to watch the scene, specially the surprised man’s face. Most part of foot lovers would like to be this man. For sure.

1-a 1-b
1-c 1-d
1-e 1-f
1-g 1-h

That’s all… for the moment

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