This post is the second compilation of the 10 foot fetish scenes at serials most memorables on TV

10. Normal, Ohio (2000) Joely Fisher

10-Normal, Ohio

Scene with the actress Joely Fisher doing her feet at the kitchen’s table. It’s a great extended scene as she is talking to her father, John Goodman.

10-A 10-B
10-C 10-D
10-E 10-F

9. Hot in cleveland (2010-2015) Valerie Bertinelli

9-Hot in cleveland-B

After that, maybe the cure on this wedding will change “You may kiss the bride” for “You may Kiss the bride’s feet”, sure he’ll be the happiest man in the world. For the “future” bride, an embarrassing situation.

9-A 9-B
9-C 9-D

8. Ángel o demonio (2011) Mar Saura

8-Ángel o demonio

On this Spanish serie we can see a gorgeous barefoot Mar Saura in a dominant role along with his servant, who follows all her orders. Worshipping Mar’s feet is one of her favorites, as we can see on this hot piece.

8-A 8-B
8-C 8-D
8-E 8-F

7. Gotham (2014-actually) Jada Prinkets


Fascinating Jada Pinkett’s scene from the recent tv show: “Gotham”. I didn’t see any chapter, but here you can appreciate that she’s a powerful woman. “Would you rubbing my feet, sweet boy?” says tenderly. But actually is a very dangerous woman. When he realizes who she is, the poor guy get deeply scared.

7-A 7-B
7-C 7-D
7-E 7-F

6. Black Books (2000-2004) Tamsin Greig

6-Black Books

Sleeping actress Tamsin Greig has her feet on Bill Bailey’s face unintentionally. He awakes with Tamsin’s soles over his feet and mouth. We can appreciate a big size feet and nice black very long toes.

6-A 6-B
6-C 6-D
6-E 6-F

5. Seinfeld (1989-1998) Julia Dreyfus


Another similar scene to the one we saw at No. 6. This time the character is the gorgeous Julia Dreyfus. She has very nice feet, well maintained and with a perfect pedicure. So kinky when she kicks the man’s head and he awakes confused.

5-A 5-B
5-C 5-D
5-E 5-F

4. Two and a half men (2003-2015) Courtney Thorne

4-Two and a half men

As a chiropractor, Alan Jerome Harper (Jon Cryer), must be a massages professional, so it’s not strange to see him in a rubbing feet scene, although isn’t it his specialty. Courtney Thorne looks very relaxed enjoying the moment.

4-A 4-B
4-C 4-D
4-E 4-F


3. The Borgias (2011-2013) Holliday Grainger

3-The Borgias

Holliday Grainger is a truly beautiful woman. Here we can see playing with her little feet in a very lusty and lascivious attitude. It would be great to be at this blonde princess’s feet. Isn’t true?

3-A 3-B
3-C 3-D
3-E 3-F

2. Half & Half (2002-2006) Essence Atkins

2-Half & Half

This is a brutal scene about foot fetish theme. Essence Atkins is perfect in his role as well as the guy (I don’t know his name) in the obsessive foot fetishist role. This is only a small piece, but there’s a large part of the chapter devoted to the foot fetish theme.

2-A 2-B
2-C 2-D
2-E 2-F
2-G 2-H

1. House of Lies (2012) Kristin Bell

1-House of Lies

A great foot fetish scene. Instead of offering drink or something to eat, the host offers a foot massage to the pretty Kristin Bell. She accepted a bit shocked. During the finally she developed a taste, as we can see.

1-A 1-B
1-C 1-D
1-E 1-F
1-G 1-H

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