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It’s not something new that the feet are considered erogenous areas, But what we did don’t know is that a foot massage could bring a woman to orgasm. Recent studies show that this is possible in women who suffer from the called “foot orgasmic syndrome”

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The first recorded case was given in 2013 in the Netherlands when a 55 year old woman reported five to six spontaneous orgasms every day.

Doctors found that stimulation causing those orgasms came from the left foot of the lady. She suffered a severe infection on his left foot some years ago, making a permanent tingling and burning sensation.


After several studies, doctors concluded that sensory information received in the brain by her left foot was identical to the information sent to woman’s vagina when is being stimulated, producing spontaneous orgasms, explains Dr. Marcel Waldinger. A little anesthesia in the spinal nerve stopped the spontaneous orgasms.

After this case doctors knew that the nerve who receives sensory information from the foot and vagina enter the spinal cord at the same level, causing confusion in the brain sometimes, now known as “foot orgasmic syndrome”.

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