Celebrities feet are usually a trending topic in the foot fetish world. Famous women’s feet have a special flavor, an exquisite taste for lot of people. Feet of celebs are like the forbidden fruit; delicious but unreachables, almost all foot lovers dream of worshipping these well-known Goddesses toes and soles, an impossible desire but a recurring fantasy for many foot fetishists.

The question Who is the celebrity with sexiest feet is a very subjective and personal issue. I have my opinion, but on this post I made a Top bearing in mind polls and ranking of several websites. So, which are the 10 most valued & searched celebrity’s feet on the Internet? Here are the results:

10. Taylor Swift

The amazing popstar has perfect long tanned legs, with flawless soft skin and a pair of ultra-beautiful feet, don’t you think? Those awesome toes look so great painted in pink, especially if she’s wearing those sexy high heeled shoes. Special mention to her cute sweet ankle. 

9. Emilia Clarke

She has the smallest feet of this list, with that typical sexy-little-toes that arouse us a lot. Cause of Emilia’s lightskin, her feet look especially sexy with her toes painted in dark colors like red or black. If you’re a tiny feet lover, I’m pretty sure Emilia Clarke’s feet are one of the most beautiful feet for you among all celebrities.

8. Jennifer Lawrence

The lovely Jennifer must be present on this Top, are you agree? Her pretty milkish feet, always with short toenails, have a large number of followers. She was criticized for wearing some unsuitable shoes in some events, but, who even cares about that? The truth is, her feet are really attractive for almost all foot lovers.

7. Selena Gomez

Selena’s feet are very successful among the foot fetish audience. If you check some best feet rankings of the Net, she’s one of the regulars. And it’s not by chance, since she has absolutely delicious feet, near to perfection. Selena’s feet should be declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

6. Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s feet are impeccable. Look at them, they’re not too big and they’re not too small, pale-skin and extremely sexy toes; she’s a breathtaking girl with awesome tootsies, a dream for any foot lover of the world. It should be noted her flawless ankle, a very high instep and a great style choosing (and wearing) high heels.

5. Megan Fox

Megan is another regular girl in polls among foot fetish people. She’s got magnetism in her body of Goddess, and her feet never go unnoticed; any foot fetishist in the world would like to be trampled by her exquisite high heels. Special mention to her moon tattoo in the right leg, near to the ankle.

4. Katy Perry

Katy is an authentic Goddess. Her feet, in addition of cute, always are in perfect magazine, with the toenails perfectly painted and without corns or bunions;  she has very desirable feet, a tasty delicacy for those who enjoy big and white foot. Usually she has traditional pedicures, but sometimes she paint her toes are painted with striking draws and colors.

3. Victoria Justice

The feet of this beautiful actress and singer are almost perfect. Small size, always well pedicured toes, tender and slender; soft and delicate… In addition, she has a sensual ankle and a arousing high arch. Victoria has a great style, so her shoes and pedicures are usually very sexy too.

2. Emma Watson

Emma appears in almost all the celebs’ feet rankings of the Internet. She’s a Foot Goddess and, carefully examining her feet, it’s understandable that she usually is the number one for many foot fetishists. Take a look to her absolutely gorgeous foot; perfect size, tasty toes and delightful sweet soles.

1. Margot Robbie

No matter if painted or unpainted toenails, if she’s barefoot or wearing sandals: in any case, Margot Robbie has the most beautiful and valued feet among all celebrities, so I’m not surprised that she has been selected by Tarantino for one of his films. If you are a dirty soles lover, sure you were delighted with her scene on the movie ‘Once Upon a time on Hollywood’, when she gets barefoot in the cinema.

So, what’s your favorite celebrity’s feet?


The Feet Hunter

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