Perhaps you already know these sites, but if you are a foot fetishist and you don’t know them you will be pleasantly surprised. I recently wrote an article about fetish parties “Valhala” in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). A famous place about fetish&gothic themes that few years ago opened in New York and later moved to Carioca territory.

In the same way, femdom and fetish parties increased in different clubs all over the world. SM parties, specializing in gothic costumes, of female domination or femdom, even some of them focusing specifically on foot fetish and footwear. Places where all kinds of devotees gather and organize parties of authentic female foot worship.

Time ago I also wrote about “Foot Lovers Paradise” Well, I was referring to this kind of places: Where the fetishist can fulfill their fantasies, smelling, touching, massaging and licking the most beautiful feet in the world. Always leaving aside the conventional sex, even any kind of nudity by all the people involved, as this can be considered somehow prostitution and is prohibited in all cases.

There are plenty of reasons that could be taken to encourage you to visit one of their events, (which may be public or private) including the number of models and fetish practices that offer, beyond others in relation with female domination that perhaps in future I will comment on this in more length.

To begin with, you can enjoy a great variety of foot types: Clean/dirty/stinky feet, small/big/slender/wide feet, Jeans, legging, French Pedicure, red, black, white, blue toenails… or each toe different color, socks and nylon pantyhose, rubber & latex, all kind of shoes: High heles, flats, boots, sneakers, uggs…

Some practices that you can do: Toe sucking, lick many feet as you can at once. Also lick and sniff any kind of footwear and socks. Have your treats/food from girl’s feet. Foot sniffing/smelling/smothering and other practices like tickling fetish and trampling. Some femdom practices (not in all clubs, ask before): Facesitting, public humiliation, verbal humiliation, faceslapping & spitting, spanking and Pony Play. And many more surprises for authentic fetishists. Do you dare to taste the delicious feet of these goddesses?

The main and most famous fetish clubs are in New York and London, and I firmly believe this should be a must-see place for all those who love female foot, something that you couldn’t imagine even in the wettest of your dreams. Besides all this, you can take home a souvenir because all kind of model’s footwear is for sale: stockings, socks, shoes, etc… with their wonderful scents impregnated into the fabric.

I insist once again, what they don’t accept UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is anything that has to do with nudity or prostitution (by either parts) because it is a place with a legal guarantee of 100%. Also if you considered an open-minded woman, who loves to have your feet touched, massaged and worshiped you would like to have fun while earn good money (totally safe / sex-free way) on these private clubs. On their websites you’ll find how to contact if you want to become a foot model.



Do you dream of licking, sucking, worshipping, smelling and caressing the feet of drop dead amazing women who know just how to use your fetish to manipulate you? If so, these parties are for you. Does the thought of having gorgeous foot models rub their soft and scented soles all over your legs, chest, nose and cheeks drive you crazy with desire? If so, then this is the party for you. Do you fantasise about having a seductive and heartless bitch dismissively trample your face and neck full weight with her stockinged feet and laugh at you while she does it? If so then this is exactly where you need to be. Do you dream of being made to worship the toes, soles and high arches of women with looks that make you salivate and the kind of raw sexuality that only exists in a man’s wildest fantasies? If so then welcome to London Foot Party.

Access from HERE


Born more than 10 years ago, in 2010, Xana’s Palace is a well-known foot worship club, located in Arizona (US). They provide the best foot parties and scheduled private foot fetish sessions. You also can buy all kind of used items by the foot models like socks or shoes. in adition of tons of high quality pictures and videos of them. In their words: “Our environment is luxurious, safe, clean and surrounded by beautiful, like-minded women who want to explore your foot fetish with you, with no hassel or risk involved. First-time foot fetishists as well as experienced foot fans alike come from all over the world to explore different aspects of foot fetish with our models…” So, what you are waiting to taste the feet of those gorgeous Goddesses? Don’t think twice and visit Xana’s Palace, check out their services, book a sessions, and enjoy the most kinky & arousing foot fetish moment of your life.

Access from HERE

FOOT FETISH PARTY UK (Leeds and Manchester)

Their Foot Fetish Parties are awesome. They try not to complicate things too much – and try not to let silly little details get in the way of an amazing night. You can register your interest for upcoming events, you can ask us any kind of question imaginable, and of course, you can book into one of the pre-arranged parties now. In the interest of keeping our Foot Worship Parties exciting, no more than 25 male worshippers are allowed to attend any one party – so don’t leave it too late to book in. Feel free to explore the website and find out how our parties work.

Access from HERE


One of the biggest foot parties on the Earth, FetishAffairs is the most popular men’s fetish entertainment in New York. It present a huge number of charming foot models offering the ultimate fetish experience including: foot fetish, tickle fetish, leg fetish, stocking fetish, submission/domination, and much more.

Access from HERE


The one and only monthly Foot Fetish Party in the entire state of Texas. Tons of sexy women with scrumptious feet at their monthly events. Satisfy your desires with some kinky activities like foot worship, tickling, trampling, foot rubbing and a little bit of domination. No matter if you are fan of footwear, hoseiry, socks or stocking: at the Texas Foot Parties you’ll find everything that you always dreamed. Come on join them and fulfill all your foot fetish fantasies.

Acces from HERE


Visit Las Vegas Foot Fetish if you have the desire to get on your knees at the feet of sexy women. You can book private sessions with one of the foot models or buying some worn items and videos of them. The foot fetish sessions in live are a bit expensive, but it’s worth it, high quality models, and lot of services: CBT, dirty feet, footstool, gagging, humiliation, spanking, trampling, smothering, tickling, crushing, pedal pumping… If your are a foot fetish lover from Las Vegas, maybe you should try one day, don’t you think?

Access from HERE


Don’t be shyness, you can’t miss one of the amazing Toronto foot fetish parties. Lot of models to choose from that attend their events. There are bartenders, students, promotional models, soccer moms, sexy secretaries, gorgeous fashion models and even professional actresses. You will only find the highest quality girls with exquisite arches, succulent toes, and smooth and sexy soles. A place where guests can have a unique foot fetish session fantasy fulfilled into real life reality. At the foot parties, you’ll get the chance to worship beautiful amazing women, touch and lick their cute feet. Here is your oportunity to live out all of your secret fantasies. No strings attached! The most discreet, private and luxurious environment you can imagine.

Access from HERE


The Valhala Fetish Party is the real paradise for foot fetishists. It was created many years ago, probably was one of the first club to popularize the foot parties. The environment of the parties is absolutely amazing, and the models are usually casual girls who enjoy submitting men at their feet, with a very arousing touch of domination and humiliation.

Access from HERE

Are you looking for foot parties or private sessions near your area? Try on my Foot Fetish clubs and events section, access from HERE.


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