Foot Fetish on movies; another post about famous foot fetish scenes at cinema. This is the second part of my first Top 10 

10. Uptown Girls (2003)

Missing actress Brittany Murphy let us many hot scenes for foot lovers. Memorable was her foot worship scene at “Cherry Falls” movie. Look at this cut of the movie “Uptown Girls”; Seems like she enjoyed so much foot fetish games.

10-a 10-b
10-c 10-d
10-e 10-f

Brittany Murphy:

10z-a Brittany Murphy

9. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Yes, I Know Heath Ledger represented an homosexual guy, but the wonderful Linda Cardellini’s feet deserves to be at this top.

9-a 9-b
9-c 9-d
9-e 9-f

Linda Cardellini:

9z-a 9z-b


8. Gorillas in the mist (1988)

Sigourney Weaver’s not the most beautiful celebrity of course, but she’s an awesome actress, elegant, sophisticated… So kinky woman. Special for foot lovers, with long beautiful legs. On the old movie “Gorillas in the Mist”, she puts her feet over Bryan Brown’s body. Very sensual.

8-a 8-b
8-c 8-d
8-e 8-f

Sigourney Weaver:

7. Polish wedding (1998)

A short but extremely hot foot fetish shot; the beauty Claire Danes take her shoe off and gets her foot licked while she’s laughing with a mix of tickle and embarrassment.

7-a 7-b
7-c 7-d
7-e 7-f

Claire Danes:


6. Road Trip (2000)

At the comedy “Road Trip” we got a funny situation with Todd Philips. He’s a sickly foot lover who cannot resist the gorgeous feet of Amy Smart and tries to lick them when she’s asleep.

6-a 6-b
6-c 6-d
6-e 6-f

Amy Smart:

6z-a 6z-b


5. Weapons of Mass Distraction (1997)

Nice toe suck scene; Blonde Heidi Mark is smoking a cigar and forces Ben Kingsley to worship her feet, with malicious (but sexy) smile.

5-a 5-b
5-c 5-d
5-e 5-f

Heidi Mark:

5z-a 5z-b

4. Fugitive Pieces (2007)

Very hot and sensual bed scene. Ayelet Zurer looks so entranced when Stephen Dillane massages and licks all her body, the foot fetish climax is the toe-suck moment.

4-a 4-b
4-c 4-d
4-e 4-f

Ayelet Zurer:

4z-a 4z-b

3. Knight of Cups (2015)

Surprising scene. It’s strange to see Natalie Portman and Christian Bale having foot fetish games. Strange but very hot, because has a very kinky touch of domination.

3-a 3-b
3-c 3-d
3-e 3-f

Natalie Portman:


2. Inglorious Basterds (2009)

Could not miss Tarantino’s mark on this Top. We saw a very hot foot fetish shoot on his film “Inglorious Basterds” with Diane Kruger as the principal character on the scene. The evil Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz) has the “pleasure” to take off her shoe. But this tale doesn’t finishes like the Cinderella.

2-a 2-b
2-c 2-d
2-e 2-f

Diane Kruger:

2015 LACMA Art + Film Gala 2z-b

1. Higher Ground (2011)

Amazing and memorable scene of lesbian love. Vera lets her imagination run for free on the movie “Higher Ground”, and we can see at Dagmara Domińczyk worshipping  Vera Farmiga’s creamy feet with passion. She’s having a very wet fantasy. But only on her mind.

1-a 1-b
1-c 1-d
1-e 1-f

Vera Farmiga:

1z-a 1z-b

¿What’s your favourite scene?

Regards friends,


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