Some time ago I made a post about foot fetish scenes in cartoons and animes and today (more tan 2 years ago) it’s time to publish the second part. Classic and modern cartoons, Japanese mangas and animes; some of them very popular and other less so.

About the psychological background of this fetish have been considered many theories and Sigmund Freud proposed the leading scientific theory, as the child experience with his mother’s feet, since the feet are the first thing what children watch when they learn to walk.

Soles are delightful for many fetishists

The indian neurologist, Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, argues that feet and genitals are located in the adjoining areas of the somatosensory cortex, and this probably causes subconsciously linkages. There are also those who think that the foot’ shape is similar to the lady lumps. And of course bearing in mind that feet and genitals have the same visual field during sex, when legs are up in the air.

Missionary sex feet view: Lot of men are mentally swayed by this image

But the most interesting theory is undoubtedly the one that relates foot fetish with some cartoons, as ‘The Flintstones’ (Hannah Barbera), a show full of barefoot characters since there were no shoes in the Stone Age.

Sometimes I wonder if these kind of animation series aroused fetishists feelings on me.

The Feet Hunter
The Flintstones foot fetish theory

In ‘The Flintstones’ show you can see some stereotypes, like male feet (big and rough) and female feet (small and stylish). Yes I know, those feet are crudely drawn and actually women’s feet are simple pictures with little elaboration,  but our mind has the ability to add the missing details, specially among human bodies. That happens in the childhood, our brain rebuilds the image into something more pleasant for ourselves.

The Flintstones’ characters feet types

All the time watching feet at this stage of our life must affect, to some extent, our adult tastes.

The Feet Hunter

We can certainly find several foot fetish scenes in the toons, most of them unconsciously created, without any sexual undercurrent, obvious in children’s toons but, if we talk about adult toons, it’s a different story; not only innocent foot fetish games, massages or tickling but it also including some domination, trampling and footjob scenes.

Foot smothering in anime picture

The Japanese are highly skilled in creating hot cartoons (known as Hentai), the hottest kinky and erotic scenes, you can see lot of them in Hentais but also in traditional Mangas & Animes. Sometimes, foot fetish is part of this. This is why, most part of foot fetish scenes which you are now going to see, are from Animes or Mangas, but also there are some American toons’ scenes. Here you have 10 hot foot fetish captures in the cartoons, Part 2. Access from here or click the banner below to start.