The fetishism is a common topic in the Internet, specially among adult sites. From all the fetishes, foot fetish is the King, the most famous fetishist practice. One of the things fetishists most like is to search celebrities’ feet pictures on the Net. Currently, one of the most famous foot fetish websites is Wikifeet, a site dedicated to celeb’s feet.

There’s a strange excitement feeling of forbidden pleasure watching famous women’s feet. They are unattainable woman, beautiful stunning ladies which we love and admire, then their feet turn into something highly sought-after and very desirable.

Jennifer Aniston feet is highly valued by foot fetish people

But beware, to be a celebrity doesn’t necessarily mean to have pretty feet. Actually, there’re some examples of famous ladies which clearly don’t take care of their feet. Image is very important at present, specially among celebrities, they spend a lot of money taking great care over their appearance; why some of them forget about their feet?

Is so embarrassing to see a beautiful girl with awful feet and corny toes, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s due to wearing heels for long time or just because of the foot’ shape, then it’s understandable. Maybe it’s about a health issue, and not just by laziness. But to be honest, some celebs’ feet are just ugly. I wonder if there are also cosmetic surgery for feet…

Some celebrities have ugly feet

But stop talking about ugly feet, as I already said before, celeb’s feet have a special touch. If we talk about poweful ladies, there is an increased desire for feet as with politician women; I’ve talked about this on my post Top 20 Female Politicans’ feet. Ivanka Trump’s feet were the most wanted feet on the internet last year 2018, because she’s so pretty of course but, in addition, as being daughter of one of the most powerful man in the Earth, Donald Trump president of the United States.

Ivanka Trump black High Heels

Anyway, the feet of the celebrities are highly desired by many foot fetishists. Actresses’ feet are often the most wanted, such as the stunning Mila Kunis or the gorgeous Margot Robbie, but singers’ feet are also very appreciatted, like Kylie Minogue, Beyoncé and Shakira’s feet. There’s also a place for female sportstars, some of them very cute and with perfect feet as Maria Sharapova. And not forgetting models, TV presenters, female top-managers of large corporations even crowned heads.

Well, let’s talk about them, let’s talk about which are the most pretty and dazzling feet of celebrities, mainly actresses and singers. If you take a look to other websites, you’ll notice that all celebs’ feet rankings look alike, with same girls everywhere. On this Top also are most of these beauties in addition to other surprises. Of course, it’s just a personal opinion, I know can’t please everybody and I’m sorry for it. I’ve been looking to select those which are the 20 most sexy feet among female celebrities. Click here or the banner bellow to start the Top.