I published many articles talking about foot fetish scenes in the cinema, shows, commercials and even in the cartoons… What more could I add? The fact is I was running out of ideas so I had to ask my partner, who is obviously smarter than me and always helps me a lot with the page’s content. In the darkest moments, she’s my inspiration.

-Why don’t you write about foot fetish scenes in the music videos? –she told me while pointing her finger at TV.

There was showing a music video of Robin Thicke called ‘Blurred Lines’ in which a short (but very hot) foot fetish scene appears.

Robin Thicke in ‘Blurred Lines’

The idea sounded really good, like -almost- all she proposes, but I knew that wouldn’t be an easy job. After an exhaustive search, finally I’ve compiled some musical videos with hot & kinky female feet playing around. I guess those directors have a kind of interest for the foot fetish theme. What do you think?

Some of these musical videos with foot fetish secuences that I found are professional productions of famous international artists, however, amateur or indie musicians are more strongly involved in alternative content such as foot fetish or bdsm.

Domination scene in Italian amateur music video

In most cases are short scenes showing some feet, soles or toes from different angles, barefoot, with boots or high heels, some toesucking, foot worship, tickling, rubbing or even a bit of soft domination; however, some of these music videos are entirely based on foot fetish theme, including title and lyrics of the song.

Foot fetish hip hop song from youtube

I shall stop here since I’m pretty sure that you can’t wait to see this list of music videos with foot fetish scenes included. It’s not about a Top or a Ranking, music videos are randomly listed and there are 20 in total. Enjoy them.

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