Foot parties and foot fetish clubs are common ways to satisfy the foot fetishists’ desires, specially among those who don’t have couple to share this wonderful practise. Have you ever been to a foot fetish club? if you’ve never visited one, you should try it.

Your fantasies will come true in a foot party

There’s a lot of foot fetish clubs and events, as you can see on this “Foot fetish clubs and events” section or this post I wrote few days ago about the 7 best foot fetish clubs around the world. In the foot fetish business is usual to organize foot parties, a Paradise for any fetishist, like a theme park for a kid.

Those clubs are created and organized in a very special way and don’t follow the usual guidelines of the other adult business, making their own way. One thing’s for sure, foot fetish clubs are often successful business, you know, the law of supply and demand; lot of foot fetishists and just a few girls providing these services.

Only a few girls are avaible to foot fetish sessions

I asked my friend Xana, from Xana’s Palace, (one of the best foot fetish club around the world) about her business and she answered all my questions very kindly. Some questions are for simple curiosity, others to find out more about the club and the parties. If you never visited one, I’m sure you have a lot of questions about it, hope this brief interview helps you to make the move.

1. When did you become interested in the foot fetish?

I 1st became intrested in foot fetish in 2001 when I started modeling and appeared in leg show magazine. I found foot fetish to be the most interesting, easy going and well paying type of modeling work and always had the most fun taking on foot fetish types of gigs.

Xana, from Xanas Palace

2. How and when it came to your mind to start a foot fetish business?

It 1st came to my mind to start a foot fetish business in 2009 after doing a foot worship session with a foot film producer.  He was also studying law so him and I formulated a legal business that would provide local fans with daily sessions and monthly foot parties. 

3. Did you ever think it would be so lasting and successful?

I had no idea the company would be as successful. At the time I have no idea the words FOOT FETISH were the most commonly searched words on google or that XP would be one of the top in the world however, I’m a leader and a perfectionist. I do not accept 2nd best so it’s no wonder. People that know me, always tell me I’m a workaholic and an overachiever. I’m certainly glad for my following and come to find out how many niches of foot fetish there are, we will be in business forever!

4. There’s more supply or demand? In other words; what’s easier to find, customers or foot models… or maybe there’s a good balance?

In Phoenix AZ there seems to be more beautiful foot models banging the door down, than foot fetish customers. I have an easy time finding modes and wish more foot fans would come out of the closet however, since I have opened and we do well worldwide now, so it has become a good balance. It was a work in progress over the years to build up my client base. For the past 2-3 years the clients flow in more steadily and keep myself and the models very busy. This and last year, I find myself being a bit more particular with the types of models I hire, so we gain less models than we did when I first started the business. More recently it has become a lengthier process, hiring models, since each model is hand selected and chosen carefully based on her brand and marketability. Of course I sit with each of my models personally to ensure they are like-minded and have the same passion for feet. So as of now, the table has turned and the clients flow in with ease and gaining quality models is the task at hand. Worth every moment cause the models are the blood of the business.

Foot Models are hand selected and chosen carefully based on her brand and marketability

5. Your family and friends think that your business is…

Ingenious. My mother and father always praise me on being a entrepreneur and a leader and are very proud of me for what I do and for how successful I have become. I have also built websites for my father, form the experience that I have learned through XP, so they could not be more proud. My friends are also admirers of the business and some are business partners with me, so this business has been a blessing and a gift.

6. Many people mail me, from India to Brazil, from Australia to Moscu… and everybody asking about live foot fetish events on their own cities or towns. Do you think it’s possible, in the future, a foot fetish club in every important city of the world?

I say these exact words to everyone I meet… every new session client I host for and every model I hire: “We will one day soon have a Xana’s Palace in every major city in the world”. No doubt about it. Why can you go get a massage or a lap dance or see a dominatrix in every major city but not get your foot fix? I have clients that fly in from all over the world for XP girls so yes, foot fetish sessions, where it’s legal, will be hosted in a XP facility coming soon. Everyone’s support is contributing to making this happen sooner than later so I urge fans from everywhere to join XP, and support the areas that you are interested in on the website so we can come to a city near you soon.

7. Can you tell me about the location and schedules of Xana’s Palace?

We have 3 valley location right now. The original “Xana’s Palace” (1500 sq foot private house) in Mesa is open 8am-8pm daily. It is beautifully adorned and decorated to feel like a practical Palace. It’s upscale and comfortable, always clean and organized, set up for foot fetish on a daily basis perfectly, with couches and beautiful beds in every room, music and flat screens, we also have resort style day beds in the back yard for outdoor, semi-private sessions. Our second Mesa location “Tracy’s Place” is open 8am-3pm.  This is litterally a sweet man cave. Huge screens throughout, leather couches, pinball machines and a full bar always stocked to the rafters with tasty libations! Last but not least “The Palace” in Phoenix is open mostly on the weekends but it gets booked out a lot so as of now its by appointment only. (it a 10,000 sq foot mansion) Think Beauty and Beast. We reserve this location for out of town guests, FootBnB guests and parties! If our other locations are booked, we might consider opening a room or the guest house for a single session. This location is available for Holidays, special events and for those guests coming in to Phx for events like waste management etc…

8. I notice that there’s a lot of beautiful girls. How many of them are usually avaibles for a private session?

All of the girls listed on the home page of XP are available for private sessions on a daily / weekly basis. Their schedules are listed below their photos.

Daily private foot worship sessions

9. Privacy is very important to me. How you deal with this subject?

Many, if not all of our clients are concerned about privacy. No one wants their information shared. Or for their foot fetish to be found out about. We go to extreme lengths to ensure this. I have many professional athletes, people who work for government agencies, doctors and lawyers who frequent XP. We take the right steps and have our business organized well, so that your information is never in jeopardy. We wouldn’t be the number 1 foot company in the world unless we were doing things this way.

– XP does not ask for your information ever.

-You are not allowed to share your information with our models except an email address of your choice.

– When you arrive for an appointment, your ID or name is NEVER asked for. You’re welcome to use an alias or stage name.

– When you make online transactions you are doing so via the card of your choice. It never has to be associated with your personal bank account.

– You are welcome to load cash onto a prepaid card and make the necessary “single billed” selections to keep it separate from your bank.

– Our transaction companies are the top and most reliable companies in the world like Paypal and CCbill which are the leaders in the card processing industry.

– I’ve been doing this 9 years and have used the same companies this entire time. I have excellent standing with them.

– Our transaction processing name is “Minds Divine”. We never use Xana’s Palace or say the words, feet, fetish or anything of the like on statements, postage etc...

Xanas Palace is extremely careful with privacy

10. Talk me about Xana’s Palace foot parties: how and when they are usually organized?

Our happy hour foot parties run every month on a Friday toward the middle or last Fri of the month from 5-9pm and are FREE to members. Our quarterly parties run every 3 months generally the last Sat of the month from 8pm-12am and everyone must prepay to attend!

11. Can be ordered special requests like pedicures, footwear types, smelly or dirty feet?

The types of things that can be requested during daily sessions or parties are pedicures, shoe types, clothing types, clean/ smelly feet, anklets, lingerie, hosiery, yoga pants, skirts, short shorts, hair up/down etc… as long as it is requested in advance.

Active Foot Models Highness, Chrissy and Stacy
Jada and Faith

12. There’re any kind of domination services in Xana’s Palace? If so, which are them?

Yes some of our models are naturally dominant like Myself, Highness, Charlie. Services that are considered dominant regarding foot fetish that are acceptable at XP is trampling, foot smother, humiliation, forced worship, slave training, slave duties, financial domination, cleaning slaves, light bondage, light spanking etc…

13. Broadly, what is allowed and what is forbidden to do with girl’s feet?

Easier to say what we don’t do here: NO nudity, NO sexual behavior (including self touching). Those things are NOT allowed. The rest goes!

14. I’d love to visit Xana’s Palace some day. This would be my first… where do I begin?

Start by becoming a member with Xana’s Palace here: JOIN NOW for the best booking rates, deals and discounts on everything. As a member you also access our video section so you can enjoy 600+ HD films, 14k+ hi res images, 106+ models . If you do not join, you are still welcome to book Trial Sessions here: Trial Sessions and attend monthly parties by prepaying. Prepay to the upcoming party here: Phx Foot Party Prepay !

That was all, thanks for reading

Feet Hunter

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