17. Luciana Aymar (Field Hockey)

The pretty Luciana Aymar has cute slender feet

Luciana Paula Aymar (born in 1977) was an Argentinian field hockey player. Maybe Luciana Aymar is the best field hockey female player of all time, since she’s the unique player in the history who has won 8 times the FIH Player of the Year Award. She is also known as ‘La Maga’ or ‘The Maradona of Field Hockey’.

Luciana has atypical feet, very different from the others of this post. She has ultra-slender elongated feet & toes, but extremely sexy, fine and delicate, according to her skinny teenager body. Despite this, her feet size is not too much big, only 8. I wonder if I can fit all those extra-long toes in my mouth?