For majority of athletes feet are the most important part of the body. So much so that lot of athletes’ feet become damaged by the effort for many years. The most striking example are the ballet dancers, a sport in which the feet usually suffer a lot. I will not include a photo of them, in order to preserve foot fetishists feelings.

But not all sportswomen have ugly damaged feet. They should pay particular attention in caring of their feet, doing skin treatments and getting pedicures regularly. Currently the famous sportswomen are highly exposed to the Media, so they usually take great care over their appearance, includding feet.

Athletes must take care of their feet assiduously

Some sportswomen even are more valued by the physical appearance than by their sports achievements, as it happens with the beautiful tennis player Anna Kournikova. I preffer those who, in addition of being great athletes, are also sexy, like the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, the ebony Goddesses and superstars tennis players.

Anna Kournikova curling toes

Tennis is the typical sport full of pretty women, since its one of the mostly widely practised sport among the female gender. But there are other sports in which we can find amazing beauties like the Spanish Mireia Belmonte, my favorite swimmer girl. We also can find beautiful ladies in minority sports like Chanelle Sladics, the snowboarding’s queen.

Who would refuse to worship Chanelle Sladics’ feet?

Female sport is currently booming, but also there were important sportswomen in the past, forerunners in many sports. For instance, the Romanian gymnast five-time Olympic gold medalist Nadia Comăneci, she became a sports icon during the 70s. Currently she still looking great, a beautiful mature lady with appetizing and desirable feet.

Mature well-arched feet of Nadia Comăneci

The sportswomen’ feet highly valued for lott of foot fetishists and today I present you a list of 20 female athletes and their beautiful feet. There are girls from all kind of sports, especially tennis because, as I said before, it’s a very common sport among women. Click HERE or the bottom link to start.