The foot fetish cover a lot of other fetishes in addition of feet. There’s a whole range of variations out there, it’s not just a matter of “licking feet” as is usually simplified. This post is about 7 fetishes that, directly or indirectly, are related to the foot fetish.


Shoes are, after the feet, one of the most common fetishes among the people. Some are even shoe fetishists without being aware of it, like many women, who usually have a huge footwear’s collection of every-kind you can imagine. But they stil buying and buying more shoes every day… because they have great fascination for them.

Shoes Fetish is very popular among people

Then there are the fetishists which turns on with shoes, watching, touching, smelling and licking them. Everyone has their own reasons, by the shape, the smell, the texture or even all them together. Love for the shoes it’s nothing weird, since the shoe is a must-have garment; on health issues, because footwear prevents us from damaging our soles and keep the cold out, and, in matter of aesthetics, stylize legs and makes feet look great… or covering them if are ugly.


As happens with shoes, exists a real legion of hosiery’s admirers. The shape, texture, the exquisite scent… The nylon stockings are all the rage and it’s very popular among both male and female audiences. You know, there’s nothing sexier than a stockinged lady with high heels, don’t you think?

There are a real legion of pantyhose followers

Pantyhose, tights and stockings of all kind: Fishnet, lace, printed, striped, transparent, thigh-highs, garter… Actually, the hosiery is a very valued and used resource for the cinema, specially on the porn industry, but also in the erotic photography. Becuase the importance which has the visual stimulation for men, the nylon fetish is more popular among them than among women.


With the socks fetish happens something similar to the nylon fetish, the odor, the shape and the texture are a very powerful incentive for lot of foot fetishists. In addition, if the socks are from someone which we have any kind of connection (could be personal or by popularity), makes it more attractive. There’re many different kinds, the ankle-socks are very successful, since allow us to see the ankle and makes the foot look so sexy.

Pedsocks (top right) are very sexy and valued for many foot fetishists

Lately lot of women have signed up the trend of selling online their well-worn and smelly socks. Like this lady, named Roxy Sykes, according to her testimony, she’s making $100.000 by year selling her socks, you can read the story HERE. By the way, have you ever tried a good socksjob with a soft and velvety socks? Fuck man, it’s awesome, trust me.


Tickling games with charming ladies

In the tickle fetish the roles are reversed regard to the traditional foot fetish. In this case, the part who offers the feet is the submissive part, then the dominant part is who enjoys the feet, so here the tables are turned. Tickling feet game may seem an innocent practice but there are also huge passion and fascination for it.

The tickling games could be considered a -soft- torture

This is not about worship, sniffing or licking feet, this is about stroking them usen fingers or an appropiate tool (like a feather) causing laughs when the sole get tickled. As crazy as it sounds, the tickle fetish is considered a kind of torture, although if it’s well done, can be very funny and extremely arousing for both sides.


The same happens with the tickle fetish, in this case the foot fetishist is the one who handle it and therefore, the dominant part. As you already know, the bondage are basically ties, tying someone in the most varied ways that you can imagine. Is a very common practice of the sadomasochism; actually, the bondage is a very important part of it. For many, the bondage has erotic overtones and for some people, even has an artistic background.

Feet are very important in bondage games

The female foot here is very important because usually remains in the middle of the action, being almost always very visible all the time. The girl usually is bound by the ankles, exposing the feet and soles in all its glory, since she goes barefoot most of time, so lot of times the feet become the cornerstone iof the game.


The smells are also a very popular taste among foot fetish lovers, and there are lot of types. People which enjoy body odors like a good sommelier that savours the fragances of a fine wine. Assholes, armpits, genitals… and feet. Some odors fetishists like the slight fragrances, and others preffer the strong and pungent smell, the strong the best. I personally like feet with a bit of smell, a mild odor, not really excessive, and you?

Enjoy the power of the smelly feet

The aromas fetish is a whole new world to be discovered, indeed. Smelly feet lovers usually categorizes the scents in 2 types: cheesy and vinegared. But there are many other kinds of odor, like the impregnated scent of a new shoes, or the sweat that remains on the feet after sport, a pair of very distinctive aromas that have nothing to do with cheese or vinegar. Then there are those who love, in addition of smelly, dirty, very dirty or extremely dirty feet, filthy and stinky soles are the Paradise for them. I’ve talked about this on a post some time ago, you can read it HERE.


I wasn’t quite sure to add this category, because I’m not clear if this is a specific fetish, but what is certain is that there’s a huge interest for the practices known as ‘footplay’, like the shoe dangling, the heelpopping, the foot dipping and the pedal pumping. It’s the art of stimulate or arouse moving the feet and toes in a specific way, as many women do, so naturally that they do that unconsciously.

The shoe dangling could be very arousing

But there’s no need to be a foot fetishist to do some footplay, here the real fetishism is to enjoy watching how the action takes place, I mean, the foot fetishist becomes a mere bystander, so generally this practice is for voyeurs, those who love watching without interaction. Actually the footplay is something that all, or almost all the foot fetish lovers like because, if you are a foot fetishist you also have got a little bit of voyeur in you, right?

Those are some of the most common fetishes related with feet, and if we talk about all the fetishes, the diversity is almost unlimited since anything could potentially turn into a fetish object. Lot of people, even without knowing it, have many fetishes in their life.

So, what’s you wildest taste, in addition of the foot fetish?


The Feet Hunter

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