Foot fetish prefrences are many and varied. For this reason, I made some polls on my site asking for people’s tastes. Also I made a compilation of other surveys that have been made in other sites, together with a common purpose: to hear foot fetishists thoughts, tastes, opinions and preferences in this regard.

How do you prefer, clean or dirty feet?

On the dirty feet issue, opinions are divided. Almost the half of the polled prefers clean feet, but also there is a high rate of people who love slightly feet. However, just a few fetishists have the pleasure for the extremely-dirty soles. Even so, a 14% is lot of tongues willing to lick and clean a couple of filthy soles, don’t you think?

Smelly or not?

Get delighted by the smells is another popular taste among foot fetish lovers. A little more than half of people that had been questioned about this, answered that they prefer a good-smell feet or, at least, odorless. The other half is split between those who like with a bit of odor and others that prefer with strong smell… maybe a deep cheesy or vinegared aroma? I guess we’ll never find that out.

Big or small?

In the fetish world, size is very important, if we look at the statistics. 50% of total participants have voted for “big feet, long toes”. About 30% people want normal size feet, neither too large or too small, and only 20% of voters liked small feet with tiny toes. We drop down the Asian myth of the passion for the small feet.

Which is more attractive for you?

If you ask me, I don’t care about the race, nacionality or ethnicity of the women in assesing the beauty of their feet, but, I was just curious of what people think about it. The fact is that the survey is pretty evenly matched, although the most desired feet are white and latin. I voted for Asian feet, since I’m fascinated for them, looks are always subjective.

Since when you have a foot fetish?

This point in your life that you discovered, surely by chance and in unexpected ways, that you were attracted by feet… Do you recall it? According the poll, most of people had their first foot fetish feeling when were still a child. Many other became aware of their special taste some years after, in the puberty or as a teenager and only a few don’t remeber it or they recently discover the foot fetish.

Do you have other fetishes in addition of feet?

The question is simple and the answer too. Approximately two thirds of those surveyed responded that they have, in addition of a foot fetish, other special tastes. It’s obvious, there are lot of different kind of fetishes out there. By the way, if want to know more about other fetishes, I wrote a post about it some time ago, you can check it HERE.

Which part of the foot is the most sexy?

Another a very important question for a foot fetishist. As to my personal taste, the most desired part of the feet are the toes, followed by the soles… And seems like most people think the same. All the foot fetish lovers turn on with some tasty toes and a  couple of lovely wrinkled soles… Without forget others, although just a few, who are delighted by a high arch, a cute ankle ora n attractive heel.

What’s your favourite foot fetish activity?

Seems that the foot worship is the most popular activity among the foot fetishist. Although there are other 4 practices that, apparently, also are very successful: toe-sucking, foot sniffing, foot rubbing and footjobs. In addition of being the most desirable activities, also are the most common. The tickling fetish lovers are less, I always thought that this taste had more followers.

What kind of feet you prefer?

The Egyptian and the Roman foot the are the most desirables, but it’s obvious since this type of feet is also the most common among the people. However, greek foot has also many supporters, the polynesian (or square) foot and germanic were less voted because are an unusual kind of foot. If you want to know more about this matter, read this post I created about the kinds of foot.

Does your family or friends know about your foot fetish?

The good thing about the Internet’s anonymous surveys, unlike those which are made in live or in the street, is that here people is often honest, there are no reasons to hide your real feelings. ‘Does your family or friends know about your foot fetish?’ The answer is clear, an overwhelming majority tend to hide their fetish. It shouldn’t be like this, actually there is nothing to your be ashamed, the foot fetish doesn’t hurts anyone and makes happy lot of people around the world, BUT, cause of our society, narrow-minded and backwardness in equal measure, the fear of looking ridiculous or be mocked, forces foot fetishists to keep in secret their special tastes.

Do you like foot tattoos?

Tattos are always blooming in our society, lot of men and women get tattoos in some part of their body. The girls specially love the foot tattoos, usually in the instep or ankle. About if foot fetishists like or not the foot tattoos there’s quite equity in voice. In equal shares, some opt for the yes, other for the no, and the rest (including myself) don’t care. In my opinion, female feet are equally gorgeous with tattoos and without tattoos.

Whats your favorite, natural or painted toenails?

This has been a hard question for me… I love painted toes madly, in red, rose, white or even with a sexy French pedicure. But of course, some little unpainted well-trimmed and polished toes in a clean and soft-skin feet also looks gorgeous… According the survey, people prefer, with very little difference, the pedicured toenails.

Which are the countries with more attraction for feet?

According the survey, the United States is the country with more foot fetihists of the world. The land of the free and the hope, is also the land of the foot fetishism. Maybe this is because of their open-mind, if we look the poll, the more open-mind countries (Italy, Germany, Netherlands…) are also the most fetishists. This doesn’t means necessairly that there are more foot fetish lovers on these countries, this means that people are more likely to talk about it.

It’s strange that countries like Mexico or Japan were not listed here. Altough, the Japanese thing could be explained, since usually the Asian people, and Japanese in particular, tend to hide statistics to the media and the public, as many times has been proved, or maybe they are more narrow-minded and often keep their tastes in secret by fear or shame. But if the real stats were exposed, I’m pretty sure that Japan would be in the Top 3 of the most fetishists countries in the world.


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