Hey, I’m here again to talk you about some interesting discoveries I made recently.

As is well known, a lot of foot fetish videos are circulating on the Internet, especially streaming videos pages; like feet9, pornhub, xhamster or xvideos.

Also we can find them, with higher quality, in clipstores dedicated to this subject: Yoogirls, Dreamgirlssocks, Czechfeet or Pedicuregirls, to name a few.

There are also other options, search for foot fetish videos on the largest streaming videos website in the world: Youtube. Here you can find many videos related with foot fetish, although these videos end up being deleted in a short time for 2 reasons: copyright issues and violations of the YouTube community’s rules. They consider women showing their feet as pornographic content.

However, some channels are just in the limit of this legality, avoiding to break the rules making their theme a perfect mix between an entertainment service suitable for all in which we can also enjoy very beautiful girls showing their feet and footwear. Not the typical video where the girls show their feet openly, it’s something more subtle, elegant… a very kinky way. It looks like candid videos, a less explicit but equally exciting view.

There are 2 very special channels in this way. Just My feet:

Her videos, besides being sexy, are very funny. She is a gorgeous lady with amazing feet. Also we can see her feet with food, socks, different pedicures… Here’s an example:

The other is Upcycle Shoes:

A special area where the girls sell their used shoes, seems a kind of market to buy used footwear, but instead the typical photo-catalog we can see videos of the models, -young and very beautiful girls-, teaching their feet and footweart. Also I think you can buy these worn shoes. Here I leave you a sample:

I hope you find this information useful.



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