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There is a very special place. If you love feet, probably know it… A wonderful place for foot fetishists. These festivals appears normal parties with normal girls but… It’s exclusive for foot lovers like us! Just as it sounds! If you’re fetishist, you’ll see, touch, massage, smell and lick all kind of feet from incredibly casual girls waiting that their feet been worshiped, massaged and licked!

Can you imagine a party with girls like your neighborhoods/friends from your street, town or city? It would be awesome, really? So this place exists. Of course, I’m talking about the breathtaking Valhala and their famous femdom parties (Sao Paulo/Brazil- before on New York). It’s the authentic paradise for foot fetishists.

Not only that, if you love female domination, you’ll find many dominant girls ready to humiliating seasons: facesitting, faceslaps, spitting… everything you can imagine… I leave a video for you can see what I’m talking about.


The Feet Hunter

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