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Let’s talk about fetish tendencies. Yes! All of us have a special predilection for feet but there’s also passion about everything related to it. Below we discuss the most common feet lovers fetishes


Indeed, shoes are particularly sexys. Many people has confessed their shoe passion, even above their admiration for barefeet. Shoes really stylizes feet and enhance figure leaving an indescribable special and wonderfull whiff that makes you go crazy for inhale up depths of the sole.

shoes1 shoes2


As happens with shoes, exists a real legion of hosiery’s admirers. The texture and smell get us fascinated … Nylon tights, stockings and socks usually remains that delicious smell permeated of foot and these fragances draws the attention of many foot fetishists and especially, of who enjoys scents and body odors.

socks1 socks2
socks3 socks4


Yes, I confess; I am a passionate fan of feet tattoos… When I see a sexy tattoo, my senses are heightened and keep thinking how nice it would be to lick every inch of her tattooed skin.

Tatoos are timeless, and for many foot lovers are an authentic skin art. Also special mention to the toerings, they are so lovely…

tattoo1 tattoo2
tattoo3 tattoo4


Pedicure can also be very morbid, especially french pedicure has a lot of worldwide followers and is one of the most beautiful and elegant that may be applied on female feet. But nice pedicure is not just limited to pretty colors, original drawings or graceful forms; A nice pedicure can be perfectly well-trimmed with a glaze that enhances their natural and beautiful toenails color; in fact, many people prefer natural toenails before any other color.

pedicure1 pedicure2
pedicure3 pedicure4

So…what’s your favorite fetish trend?

Greetings friends!

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