Sometimes footlovers can feel very alone, is not always easy openly express what tastes and fantasies as our couple, so I’ll try to explain the best way to fully enjoy our foot fetishism.

#1 I like feet, but i’m not footlover
Never begin a relationship openly admitting our feet’s passion. It may sounds strange…

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This is essential: Take every occasion when your partner (or friend) is tired (after work, after a long walk, after exercise…) to offer a relaxing foot massage.
Check the reaction; if accepted delighted and also liked: You’ve been take big step!
You can say her: “Well I’m all an expert” or “From now ask me every time you want a massage”.

IMPORTANT: Do it NATURAL so don’t make oversexed-face and especially don’t ask to sniff or lick her feet, at least initially.

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#3 Compliments!

Talks usually how beautiful and sexy are their feet, also tell about your prefer pedicures or colors type… Offer yourself as her personal caregiver feet!
Generally girls love that, so it could rarely be any impediment.

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#4 Feet are a complement, not an end

You have already contacted her feet and you’ve taken very important step.
What next? But now comes naturally, caresses, hugs, words of love, friction, and of course, sex.
Sex before feet?
Sex helps us break the last barrier with our gf/bf, and is often an important indication that both are willing to open up and share the most intimate experiences.
Remember: On sex issues, feet are stimulant, excellent preliminary intercourse; DON’T FOCUS ALL YOUR ATTENTION ON THEM.

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#5 During sex:
Sensually caresses her thighs, legs and feet massaging erotically, adds sensual words: “do you like that, honey?” You’ll see her reaction is always positive.

Now you can touch them more passionately, even slightly smell and kiss them, but do not neglect the other parts of her body, will be other times when you can recreate exclusively on their feet.
Having done this, has broken many barriers and prior prejudices might have, and now insurance will be easier talk about your fetish tendencies with your couple.

Your couple probably will already have noticed that you like feet, but she no longer seen as something strange or rare… only just a curious hobby, so you’ll have free rein to confess your innermost secrets.


#6 Be careful, do it gradually!

Having successfully completed the above steps, now it will not cost you confess your most private of fetishism hobbies (odors/fragances, food, domination … or whatever) but beware!
Do not do it once. Be smart, accurate and comprehensive for things she doesn’t like.

NOTE: Throughout this process, it’s an important point that you get interested on her tastes, sure she has her own fetishes and you’ll must discover her secrets too.

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I hope you have enjoyed my recommendations.

The Feet Hunter

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