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Foot fetish it’s widely practiced around the world. Speaking about familiar characters, here we have the Top 7 of most famous foot lovers in the earth

#7 Christian Slater

In his words: “I’m always experimenting in the bedroom and trying to discover new ways to have a good time and enjoy myself. I think toes are a lot of fun, definitely.”

High Quality Wallpaper Christian-Slater-Smiles-Wallpaper2

#6 Carlos Baute

The Venezuelan singer Carlos Baute has publicly confessed his preference for female feet on many television programs and interviews.

Carlos00 Carlos020

#5 Andy Warhol

The pop artist was a major practitioner of podophilia, evident in his many shoe portraits and the mummified human foot he kept by his bed.

Andy Warhol 1983, printed 1990 by Robert Mapplethorpe 1946-1989 Andy Warhol, artist, portrait, himself, white background

#4 Brooke Burke

One time, she said, “I like feet. I definitely have a fetish. I love to see a man’s bare foot, but it’s got to be taken care of.” Se is declared as male feet fan. We like more foot lovers girls!

brokke brokke2

#3 Marilyn Manson

The rocker declared many times that likes to kiss his girl’s feet during sex. Judging by her words, seems like Jenna Jameson doesn’t liked very much these kind of practises…

marylinmanson marylinmanson2

#2 Madonna

The Queen of Pop has confessed on public that she is a foot lover. The cover album ‘Erotica’ sucking Naomi Campbell’s feet was memorable.

Madonna madonna-feet

#1 Quentin Tarantino

The filmmaker has been declared feet fetishist so much times. Perhaps he’s the most famous foot lover over the world. Also is the best known transmit passion for women’s feet. Undoubtedly his films, full of allusions to the subject, are a good example. Hooray for the big Quentin!

quentin-tarantino Closing Ceremony and Fistful of Dollars Screening - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival

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