Nowadays, is well known that there are a large number of foot fetishists around the world, usually sharing their thoughts, experiences and feelings, and therefore we can easily identify the kind of practices and personal tastes about this common fetish.

As we well know, polls and surveys are very common in the Net, surveys of all types: of scientific interest, sexual or just by fun or curiosity. More common are polls to make market research for marketing purposes. Of course, we can’t forget the foot fetish inquiries.

In some famous polls’ sites –like strawpoll– you can find the first and more obvious question: Do you have a foot fetish? Answers are:

Oh, I like what I see, but I guess this survey has not enough credibility, I’m sure the people voted here sincerely but supose majority of them have a foot fetish; it’d be more interesting to know what general public think.

I did some digging about this subject here, asking to my audience about their personal tastes. In the post ‘Foot Fetish lovers preferences’ we can find more quite generic questions like ‘do you preffer clear or dirty feet?’ or ‘what’s your favorite foot, large or small?

In another post about foot fetish tastes’ surveys were asked more specific questions like the foot type, the feet accesories, the domination/submision relation or the common games used in this practice, as you can see here. The upside of these polls is the anonymity, and this helps people to say the true, what they really think, and this makes the results very trustworthy, realistic, specially when there’re a large number of participants.

Foot worship is a common foot fetish practice

The polls related to the foot fetish theme are exclusively made for satisfy the curiosity, but who wouldn’t want to know, for instance, what kind of shoes men hate? or what percentage of the population keep in secret their foot fetish? These and other 3 questions are answered in this post (5 in total), if you want to know more about foot fetishists’ feelings, click HERE or the banner below to start.