Honestly, female politicians rarely are known for their beauty. Anyway they don’t need have to be, first of all, they must be clever, enterprising and with coherent ethical and moral principles. These should be the main characteristics of every good politician.

However, everyone is aware of the importance of personal image in the present society. Currently, the tendency is to elect increasingly younger and more attractive politicians. It’s also well-known that more and more women enter the world of politics.

Taking these factors into consideration, It’s rational that every day we see more and more beautiful women in parliaments, assemblies and political meetings’ places or forming part of strong political parties, even on the top-most goverment positions. Women who, in addition to stand out for their intelligence, debating skills and ability to command, are as beautiful as the most exuberant of the models, actresses or singers.

In fact, some of the current female politicians have been, for at least some part of their lives, athletes, scientists, celebrities, actresses or TV presenters. For some fetishists, feet symbolize power, then a powerful woman’s feet become a really delightful fantasy, specially for those who also love high-profile & high-position’s women.

So, I draw up a Top of what are, if you ask me, the 20 sexiest politician women with the most beautiful feet over the world. Click below to start the gallery: