Youtube is full of foot fetish content but those videos are supposed to be forbidden. However, there are some channels that defy the laws of nature, channels which survive against great odds. And that’s great news for all of us…

I agree with delete porn content of the site, restrict the explicit sex or nudes, this is obvious but, how much damage could a simple feet do? Why there’s a need to associate a pair of beautiful feet with something dirty, depraved or pervert? Let’s set aside the restrictive Youtube’s policies and let’s check the avaible foot fetish content in the platform.

Inside Youtube, there are a lot of hide foot fetish content. Channels of amateur and professional foot models, barefoot famous youtubers, clipstores, used footwear sales, compilation of movies’ scenes, beauty-pedicure centers and even girls who mix the foot fetish with the religion, as you’ll see next.

I published recently a post about foot fetish scenes in Youtube (you can access from here), a compilation of female youtubers just showing their feet in a casual way or by some specific challenge. Girls painting with feet, Fashion experts testing her new shoes or beauty specialists teaching how to do a pedicure.

Today I bring you something quite different. It’s about a compilation of pure foot fetish channels on Youtube, 100% dedicated. 20 channels that you will love if you usually watch Youtube’s videos and have passion for female feet. Click HERE or in the banner down there to access.