The Foot Fetish is on everywhere. Let’s talk about it, exposing the foot parties, asking experts about this taste, making surveys to know more about this practice, reading experiencies of dates with foot fetishists, watching female feet on TV and Youtube and checking some foot fetish stuff for sale. So, in short, let’s paying homage to the women’s feet.

What happens in a foot party?

This is the question that many people ask themselves. Especially, the foot fetishists, and more specifically those who has never visited a foot party. After the Pandemic issue, the world will return to the normality for sure. And problably we’re going to want to do things that we need to deal.

Foot worship games at Valhala Club Brazil

Enjoy a foot fetish party is one of these things that any self-respecting foot fetishist must do before die, don’t you think? Pay attention to the video down there, it will answer the question “What happens in a foot party“, with videos an images of the parties, interviews and experiencies about a trend that expands every day, the foot parties, the better sites for enjoy the best foot models in live.

The Foot Fetish according the Medical Science

A lot of health experts have expressed their point of view about the foot fetish theme. In fact, this is a a long-standing issue, bearing in mind that Sigmund Freud already had some interesting theories on this matter in his time. But despite all, even today it’s not known for certain which is the cause that arouses those feelings of attraction to feet among a part of the society. There are many theories out there about it, but none of them have the absolute truth.

Medical Science has little to say about Foot Fetish

In the famous site ‘‘ have asked to some experts and the answers are the typical answers we can find everywhere, drawing stereotype conclusions and generalizing, without making too much efforts to really understand the fetishist mind. If you are curious, take a look to the article HERE, or watch the video that contains a summary about it:

7 Interesting Foot Fetish Theories

Well, since we’re talking about the foot fetish theories, I found another interesting article that tells 7 collected ideas about the Podophilia. This means 7 different points of view of the matter. Some of them have a lot of sense and other are quite simply or just silly but the main points are a right view.

It’s known that feet are one of the most popular fetishes, and beyond the Freud‘s theory about the resemblance beetwen the feet and the penis, we have learned to open our mind to other possibilities. Here you have the 7 most accepted theories about the foot fetish:


Feet are usually covered up with shoes, socks or nylon stockings; like the genitals, ass or breasts; so feet have a similar erotic meaning when they are finally exposed.


This is the converse theory of the covered-up feet. Unlike the men, women usually show her feet in all kind of open footwear (high heels, mules, sandals…) and often they have much more care about them (hydrating, pedicures…), therefore, they can become objects of desire.


The love for the feet has traditionally been related to domination and submission. Is believed that most people who enjoy submissive acts, also are into the foot fetish.


This is about medical science, apparently, the brain parts associated with the vagina or penis are very near to the feet, that is, for some people, the feet can be viewed as arousing as the genitals.


A sexy shoe stylizes legs and changes the women’s figure. We cannot ignore the way that women’s footwear are sexualized in our society; think about it: sexy high heels, mules, stilettos, pumps, platform boots, sandals…  for this reason footwear (and feet) is turned into a subconscious fetish in many people.


Our own personal life experiences defines our sexual identity, specially when those experiences, in this case, related to feet, were on our childhood.


Another possible explanation is that… there’s no explanation for the foot fetish taste; just that you’re born that way, without anything or anyone that has influenced on it.

Covered-up theory is the most accepted, personal experiencies theory is my favorite. And you? What do you think is the correct theory? Do you have another theory to add? Please comment!


Tribute to women’s feet

The Feet Hunter is a website entirely devoted to expose, analyse and worship the female feet. Actually, this is a tribute, a memorial to the women’s feet all around the world. Always with love, passion and respect, and with a less-pornographic and more artistic way that usual on this industry. This is what I try to express on the next video, my thoughts and feelings about the foot fetish, trought images, clips and music. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Foot Fetish stuff on Amazon

I’ve talked lot of times about the large market of foot fetish stuff on eBay. On this large platform you can find mainly worn footwear, socks and all kind of pantyhose stockings for foot fetishists or for women who just want cheap clothes and don’t matter if it’s almost new, used or well used. And this section has a lot of success since there are many fetishists of the used clothes around the world.

Well worn shoes for sale on Ebay

The other big Company on the online sales, Amazon, has also some interesting foot fetish stuff. If Ebay specializes in worn ítems, Amazon has, above all, foot fetish books/ ebooks and silicon/latex feet toys. You also can find movies and documentaries related to foot fetish like “Fetish”, an exclusive Amazon production which tells the story of Oddball Clark, a guy who meets the girl of his dreams, but their relationship is threatened by his foot fetish. This film, directed by David Lee, was the winner of the Audience Award for the Best Short at Ithaka Fantastik.

The movie Fetish is an exclusive Amazon production

Surveys about Foot Fetish tastes

Occasionally, I like to make polls about foot fetish tastes, here on The Feet Hunter or in my Facebook page, getting very interesting (and sometimes, surprising) results. I let you here some posts that I’ve published about it:

The reowned website specialized on surveys has published a survey for feet lovers, with questions like “Since when were you interested in feet??”, “Are you embarressed with your fetish?” or “Which part of the foot is more attractive?”. It’s specially interesting check the results of the poll. If you have some freetime, answer those easy questions and check if the other foot fetishists think like you.

Acces from HERE to the survey.

The Pros And Cons Of Dating A Foot Fetishist

This is an experience of a girl who was dating with a foot fetishist for a little while, told from the view of the article’s author, a certain Lauren Ritchie. It has lot of info that must be considered, interesting insights and embarrassing situations with a glimpse of the humorous side.

The tittle says “Pros and Cons” but if you read it, you only see Cons everywhere. Apparently, this lady wasn’t very pleased after her relationship with a foot lover. She talks about the foot massages with a cath, the horrible pedicures, the challenge of the footjobs and other things like how uncomfortable she feels knowing her boyfriend was judging all her friend’s feet.

My advice to her is that probably she chose the wrong person, but this has nothing to do if he was or not a foot fetishist. Despite this, I appreciate she took a moment to write her thoughts and personal experiences.

Read HERE the complete article.

Feet Challenges on Youtube

You know, Youtubers would do anything by a bunch of ‘likes’ and the challenges are the new trend, so Youtube is full of all types of challenges you could imagine. Let’s focus ourselves on the feet challenges; a kind of challenge considered by some as funny, others see it weird and others like me so fucking hot.

Lately there are many Feet challenges on this popular site

On these videos you can see female youtubers using their feet to paint faces, popular challenges like drawing (or makeup) with feet and the ‘Lick my body‘ challenge, that is being one of the most successful challenges lately, where we can see guys licking and kissing his friend/girlfriend/wife’s feet. Also you can find lot of tutorials of foot care and how get toenail extensions, gamers playing videogames barefoot showing their soles to the audience or great foot massages with lotion. I made a small compilation of some kinky feet challenges of Youtube, I hope you enjoy.

Babette’s feet, a Foot fetish short movie

Take a look to this excellent short movie that deals with the foot fetish. Published in 1999, this arousing mini film written by Harry Killas and produced by John Prince once was quite controversial, rated as strange, weird and transgressive but I think it was a misunderstood  beautiful film.

Harold, a lawyer, is a fetishist in search of the perfect pair of feet. One day he discovers perfection in the feet of Babette, who as fate would have it, has an obsession of her own.

It’s a very popular movie among the foot fetish audience, for this reason I wanted bring this masterpiece back, that has some delightful & absolutely unforgettable scenes. The true is that “Babette’s feet” has aged well, despite was filmed more than 20 years ago.

Take care, friends

The Feet Hunter

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