Today I’d like to talk about some topics related to the foot fetish. Content that I think you’ll be interested on it if you are a real female’s feet lover.

The Future is Now

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most interesting technologies that is really blowing up in recent times. A lot of capital is being invested in this technology and is being applied to many fields, not just in videogames or films industry, but also in the housing, medicine and many other sectors.

Porn was one of the first industries that invested heavily on this format and for this reason nowadays has been well established. The possibility of being able to see some cute feet in real size, just a few inches of your face… You really get the impression that you are feeling like on a real foot fetish session with a professional Foot Goddess.

Watching foot fetish in the VR is almost as arousing as being there

Now that we are going through tough times, of containment and social distancing, playing foot fetish through the Virtual Reality could be the most seemed way to enjoy some female feet in live. If you didn’t try it yet, I recommend you to buy VR glasses (on Amazon or Ebay) and try this foot fetish site, specialized in virtual reality:

Not only Porn

Every day more and more women are joining to the foot modeling. It’s a very comfortable (and very profitable) way  to earn some extra-cash without the need for sex or nudity, even for those girls who are into porn, the foot fetish is an important addition to get more followers and suscribers. Lot of girls and couples are now specializing in foot fetish on their channels of sites like XVideos, Pornhub or Xhamster, among others.

The Foot Fetish is very cool because women’s dignity remains untouched

Lara R. (Foot Model)

Jupiter Domina

An authentic foot model, exclusively focused on the foot fetish and domination. Jupiter has a very kinky emo-style, you know, the typical sexy girl with piercings, tattoos, dyed hair and dream-like feet. Dominant and with bad temper. Who dares with her?

Latina Feet

If you’re looking for something more sexual or pornographic, Latina Feet 386 is your girl. This French beauty loves to play, no matter if sex or foot fetish, and also likes the rol of the Dominant Mistress. A delight for the senses.

If you wanna see more foot models & dominatrix of this kind, go visit the Foot Models’ section here on The Feet Hunter, new models were added on last weeks:

Tastes of the celebrities

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you may know that the celebrities are a recurrent topic here, since the celebs’ feet are highly desired for the fetishist audience. So, today I want to talk about the foot fetish among the famous people, but not for comment the beauty of the feet, just to make known a list of celebrities that have their own foot fetish.

Celebrities that, like you or like me, enjoy the foot worship and alll kind of foot fetish games

Sure you know some of these celebs with fetish tastes, but others will surprise you. Everybody know about Tarantino’s foot fetish but, do you know that Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock”, despite he has never openly admitted his foot fetish, has expressed his likeness for women’s feet many times?

When he was asked who was the prettiest actress of the show Games Of Thrones, he smiled and answered: ”Maisie William has spectacular feet”… Did you hear that? He has a big foot fetish. And I agree with “The Rock“, Arya Stark has gorgeous feet.

Check the complete post 50 famous Foot Fetishists HERE

Is not what it looks like

I love the erotic stories. Specially if are related to the foot fetish topic, and usually I’m searching for new good stories on the Net. And I found a story. A story that caught my eye. The tittle “My first and last day as a foot fetish girl”. Well, another innocent girl with a bad experience on a real foot fetish session. I thought this “bad experience” could have been something like guilty feelings, not enough payment, a rude client or just she didn’t like the experience. Ok, so –I thought- that’s just a bad personal experience… But was no exactly that. And I don’t want to explain anymore to avoid spoilers, if you are curious about it, read the complete story HERE. You can’t miss the comments.

If you like the real stories and experiences of people who love the female feet, you will find a lot of them on this forum specialized in foot fetish stuff:

Are you part of the Team?

Most usual among the foot fetishists is keep the secret to themselves and there are only a few people who openly share their fetish tastes. Many foot fetish lovers are scared by the social rejection that may be caused for this special taste, since this practice is not yet completely accepted by the community and is still being watched as something unusual; sick and obscene at worst, weird or curious at best.

But there are some brave people proud of their status and are not ashamed of admit their foot fetish, instead of this, they would like to shout to the world: “I love feet!!!” If that sounds like you, you’re in luck.

I present you Team Pretty Feet, the world’s first company that designs, manufactures and commercializes foot fetish products. No, I’m not talking about latex feet or similar sexshop toys. I’m talking about merchandising stuff like caps, t-shirts or coffe cups. I think it’s a great and very original idea, this brand would be a wonderful sponsor of a foot party, don’t you think? Let’s check the designs that we can find on the store.

Team Pretty Feet celebrates women’s most underappreciated curves!

Did you like it? In the official website you’ll find a lot more foot fetish stuff:

Don’t forget follow them on Instagram, where they usually post new products with lot of barefoot beauties with stunning feet and toes:

An interesting project

Now that I have plenty of spare time to stay at home, I spend many hours surfing the Net, watching Youtube videos and some days ago I found a Naomi Swann’s interview. Naomi Swann is an adult film star and one of the most desired foot models. The chat tone is informal, fresh, funny, kinky and arousing at the same time, especially when she shows her awesome feet.

The interview is gracefully and full of great moments, hilarious comments, hot confessions and funny anecdotes; excellent from beginning to end. The comedian hosts Zane Helberg and Nicole Aimee Schreiber do a brilliant job giving it an own identity, with great professionalism and a high degree of involvement, so much so, that Nicole ends up showing her –big & stunning- feet to the audience. A round of applause.

This amazing video is produced by an Adult Entertainment website known as LoveHerPodcast, a daring and fascinating project with a shameless approach and a transgressive touch.

We offer a behind-the-scenes view of the fetish world with hot new videos, clips and special content!

This awesome website is highly recommended for those who, in addition of a fetish taste also have some cultural inclinations.

Cinema and Television

The progressive and increasingly addition of the foot fetish in the Film and Television Industry, is clear proof of the normality that is acquiring the foot fetish in our society, a practice that we think is very exclusive, but actually isn’t so.

Everybody knows about Quentin Tarantino’s foot fetish, very popular by his special taste but the fact is that, beyond his special tastes, Quentin is mainly admired by his boundless talent to direct movies that become masterpieces.

Quentin Tarantino is asked for his foot fetish everytime he’s interviewed… Poor man!

Here I let you some very hot foot fetish scenes of the last productions of Quentin Tarantino (Once upon a Time in Hollywood):

A closeup view of the sexy feet & tiny toes (with a toering included) of the ever beautiful Jessica Alba (Dark Angel):

Another scene of Jessica showing her tasty feet with that gorgeous toes that turn us crazy. Enjoy those stunning silver toenails (Paranoid):

If you’re fascinated by the foot fetish scenes on cinema or television and love to watch barefoot celebrities I created a new section called “Feet on TV” that you can’t miss. Access from HERE.

Take care, my friends

The Feet Hunter

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