There is something in high shoes that excites men in a very particular way. Maybe because they are one of the most obvious symbols of femininity or simply because thanks to them our legs and buttocks look sexier.

In general, a guy will prefer that we wear heels to delight visually with our silhouette ten centimeters higher, and do not miss that guy in a night of passion, suggesting us to take off all the clothes, but leave our shoes on. This is relatively normal and even fun, although its most extreme manifestation can be somewhat disturbing. It’s called retifism.

The refitism is basically an excessive obsession for women’s shoes.  The term was coined by a French writer named Nicolas Edne Restif de la Bretonne, who wrote a document about the subjet in the eighteen century.

Retifism is also known as shoe fetish or shoe fetishism

The retifists are admirers of women’s footwear, to such an extent that they can reach orgasm just by contemplating your foot wearing a shoe with an imposing heel. If you meet one of these characters, you should not be surprised that he licks your heels with voracity and that he passes his lips and tongue through the least likely (and dirtiest) corners of its surface. Maybe he will not give you one kiss, but his saliva and his cravings will shine on your shoes with disconcerting joy.

It is unknown why this fetish is so interesting. Some people attribute it to the femininity of certain shoes, and others (such as the Austrian psychologist Bruno Bettelheim) that women’s shoes are unconsciously related to their virginity (just read the Cinderella story between the lines). It is also thought that heels are associated unconsciously with the vagina. Does any of these theories make sense to you?

Retifist practices:

This sexual fetish has its degree of strangeness, but even so it is more common than we might think.  In fact, there are some well- classified practices, related to retifism. Some of them are:

  • Shoe job: masturbate with shoes.
  • Shoe lick: lick the shoes with voracity.

  • Shoe insertion: insert the shoes through the anus or vagina (how painful …).
  • Shoe cock crush: stepping on the penis with the shoes (how painful … again).
  • Shoe cum: ejaculate in footwear.

The retifism can seem to us something out of the ordinary, as merit has that it is a totally harmless practice. The worst thing that can happen if one day you get involved with an inveterate retifist, is that your lover flee with the object of his obsession after a night of sex. In that case you will have to return home without a shoe, like Cinderella, and be sure that that fetish prince will not come back to “tap” with you anymore.

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