3. What foot type is your favorite?

As is the case with faces or bodies, feet are unique and we can difference them from others by the lengh or the shape but, mainly, by the foot type and there are 3; Greek, Roman and Egyptian. However, we can lump them in 2 big categories: Greek feet (also known as Morton’s toe) and Roman/Egyptian feet, because roman and egyptian feet type are very similar.

Egyptian / Roman (or even Polynesian) feet is the most common foot kind among the population. The big toe is the longest and other toes with similar length decreases in perfect order or could be alligned with same length; about 75% of humans have this foot type, are you one of them?

Greek feet, (Morton’s toe for some people) has the special feature in the second toe that is usually the longest, even more than big toe. Is known as “greek” because is the typical foot we can appreciate on ancient Greece’ statues.

Greek feet, also known as Morton’s toe

If you want to know some interesing thing as the personality type according the feet type, take a look to The Feet Hunter’s post “Kinds of Feet” written some years ago. But, which one of them is favorite for the people? I’m sure you have your own feeling on the subject. Let’s check out the results, let’s see what people think about it:

Roman/Egyptian feet is the most common and also the most favorite for all, how could it be different. It make sense since Roman’s feet type is shapely, but anyway Greek feet still being sexy, it’s a matter of taste, you know.