1. Are you open about your foot fetish or you keep it to yourself?

Most part of foot fetish lovers often keep it to themselves, afraid of what other people will say about them. It’s frowned upon, considered a weird practise by society, only suitable for a few perverts. But what about your significant other? What about your usual closest friends and relatives, they know about your foot fetish taste? If you want to know what people think, take a look to the results:

Have you noticed that? More than half of the surveyed foot fetishists preffers to keep it to themselves. This means that there’re milions of repressed foot lovers around the world, a practice which must be hided as if we had to be ashamed of it, and that’s a pity.

People who like feet usually keep it to themselves in fear of being judged

But the foot fetish acceptance depends to a large extent of the country and their culture. Usually we find more open-mind people about foot fetish in advanced countries and more ‘in the closet’ foot lovers in places with high sexual repression like arab territories or some under-developed countries. But this is not always the case, there are some exceptions. Here’s the geographic stats: