4. How do you feel about foot tattoos?

Some decades ago, tattoos were often looked down in society, like a strange trend for some few misfits and felons. Nowadays is very common to bore tattos, even among people of all ages and from all levels of society.

Wearing a tatto in the feet is a very trendy fashion on last years, and this has nothing to do with foot fetish, lot of women love to tattoo their sexy feet to show them in the summer. It’s not just about showing tits or ass, now girls are proud and brag about their feet.

Tattos on feet are trendy fashion

In some regions it’s about a reflection of time-honoured traditions, like the Hindu’s culture of the art of painting. Feet tattoos could be extremely sexy, a small sexy tattoo looks great. But in my mind, if it’s overused it will become devalued.

And be careful girls, in some –developed?- countries tattoos are regarded as something that must be hidden, like this spanish psychologist who was rejected by the army for wearing a (very sexy) tattoo in the arch of feet, near the ankle. This was so stupid on the part of Spanish Army, the common sense prevailed and finally the woman was employed.

Does people like foot tattoos or not? Let’s find out:

As we can see, there are divergence of views and no consensus about this issue. Those who like, don’t like and don’t care foot tattoos are distributed equally. But I think this survery is not entirely accurate, since the answer depends on the type of tattoo, of the size or the beauty.