9. Feet Voyeur

Keeping gaze fixed upon the floor

Actually, this is the first activity made by every foot fetishist out there; the way in which one is introduced to the foot fetish world. Watching feet is a pleasure for many, in addition, is completely free, and it can be done at anytime… Specially on summer, in the beach or in the pool are lot of women flashing their awesome feet, toes and soles. A delightful!

Spying feet could be something highly arousing, specially when the girl gets barefoot in public, or when we see a woman making some footplay, the dangling of the shoe leaves me totally hypnotized, and I usually drool watching a kinky heelpopping. Also you can watch feet without the need of leave home; on the Internet are tons of videos and pictures about girls willing to show their cute soles to the world.