7. Trampling

Feeling the power of walking over you

A very typical actitvity that surely all or almost all the foot fetishists have already tried. To feel the pleasure of being trampled by a pair (or several pairs) of flawless feet could be ver arousing if it’s well done. The submissive could be trampled by one or several persons, but this will depend on resistance. The practice could be done barefoot, howerver, some prefers do it with high heels, although this is obviously more painful.

But careful, don’t mix up with the Thai massage, which also is about trampling people but it’s not used as a sexual taste, but to relieve back pain, although reportedly is also very pleasant. Trampling also has a high component of domination; submissive is humilated by the dominant, and the dominant feels the power of humilate the submissive with feet. Everybody’s happy.